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"I don't think you can write comics without trying to reflect what's going on in the real world. I mean, that's kind of our job. I believe we have two jobs we have to do simultaneously: We have to reflect what's going on in the real world and we have to entertain you.

So I wouldn't say it was, like, wanting to go after that. It was more like, we can't write without doing that.

And we wanted to show that this movement, this thing, this idea that Lee Bermejo had, which was brilliant, of all these people being inspired by these Robins, is kind of a double-edged sword. It's inspiring and wonderful, but it's also a bunch of kids on the street trying to do jobs they might not be prepared for. And we wanted to examine whether that was a good thing or bad thing. Not come down on one side of the other. It stays a little bit gray.
" - Tom King

Writer: Tom King
Artists: Khary Randolph, Alain Mauricet, Jorge Corona, Andres Guinaldo, and Walden Wong
Colorists: Emilio Lopez, Chris Sotomayor, Gabe Eltaeb, and Sandra Molina
Breakdowns: Rob Haynes

14 out of 42 pages

Light warning for violence.

Now here was a mini-event I was looking forward to. Tom King's first crossover event? That sounds like fun, especially with the previews and small brief bits of info I heard about. However, warning signals went off in my head the moment I saw the amount of people working on the first issue alone...

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"Yeah, there need to be stakes. That's been done subtly in other ways in the book. I'm a stickler on showing damage. If kids get hit in the head — I think if any character gets hit in the head, you should see the damage that causes. I think it's important in general to not have violent actions in comics not be without the consequences that come with that action.

So I really want to show that doing this vigilante thing has consequences. And sometimes the price to be paid is pretty high.
" - Lee Bermejo

Writer: Lee Bermejo
Artists: Jorge Corona & Khary Randolph
Breakdowns: Rob Haynes
Colorists: Trish Mulvihill & Emilio Lopez

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"I think I’ve said this before, that the central idea of the book is: there’s one thing to want to be part of a movement; you see it on facebook and twitter all the time. “Right, rock on. #WeAreRobin.” It’s one thing to do that and feel part of something, but it’s another to actually step up and do it, to go out and help people, and to make your city a better place.

And not every one of these characters is going to have that in him or her. There’s a very interesting to me possibility, to talk about what are heroics in general. Is that just putting on a domino mask and beating up bad guys? No, it’s a broader concept than that. I think that plays well into a book with lots of different kids from lots of different backgrounds and interests and skill sets and fears. From that point of view, it’s going to run the gamut a bit broader of what the concept of a hero in Gotham City is.
" - Lee Bermejo

Writer: Lee Bermejo
Artists: Jorge Corona & Khary Randolph
Breakdowns: Rob Haynes
Colorists: Trish Mulvihill & Emilio Lopez

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They tended to be Caucasian males with dark hair and blue eyes.... there were exceptions (Jason 1.0 being strawberry blond, Carrie being both a strawberry blonde AND a girl, Steph being... well, Steph) Even Damian Wayne though having Asian heritage, seemed rather generic.

That's being shaken up a bit in the new "We Are Robin" title, which debuts this week and MTV had details on

We have at least 6 Robins

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The other two books Stan Lee is doing with Boom! Studios (Soldier Zero and The Traveler) have been posted to Scans_Daily already, but so far Starborn hasn't gotten any love. Finally decided I should do something about that.

STARBORN is the story of Benjamin Warner. A young man who works some dull, life-sapping office job in a cubicle, he has dreams of becoming a science fiction novelist. All his life, he's been working on stories about something called the Human Civilization.

Then, one day, he learns that he's from outer space and all those stories he thought he'd made up are in fact real...

For this book, Stan's teamed up with Roberson on writing and Khary Randolph on art.

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