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From the Dark Horse FCBD release (Which also includes stories for "Hellboy" and "Aliens")

Firefly - Joss Whedon's now near-legendary sci-fi western series from... Holy crap!! 2002??? (Really? Firefly is now 14 years old???), cancelled after a single season of top notch world building and stories and never seen again (aside from the movie "Serenity")

The movie also saw the end of perhaps the most delightful relationship in the series, the loving marriage between the former soldier (and now First Mate of the Firefly) Zoe (played by the divine Gina Torres) and laid back pilot "Wash" (played with immense likeability by Alan Tudyk) when Wash was killed by the homicidal Reavers, not long after agreeing to start a family together.

He is, though, fondly remembered by the rest of the crew and in the spin off comic, had one further part to play in adding to the cast, as you'll now see...

The Warrior and the Wind )
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The world's (former) greatest supervillain continues his efforts to become its greatest hero...

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This comic marks the first time Alex Ross has done full interior artwork since JLA: Liberty and Justice, which was back in... wow, all the way back in 2003.

Masks #1 )
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Issue 3 of Edison Rex, the series about a Lex Luthor analogue's life after his heroic nemesis' death, introduces that universe's analogue to the Justice League.

Hee. Spot the in-joke in their names?

Anyhoo, two pages from Edison Rex #3 and four from #4 )
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And another title, while I'm here; for Beyond the Big Two, Vertigo does count!

I don't know why, it just does.

iZombie. It's good stuff.

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Chris Roberson, who, as you might recall, recently quit DC over its treatment of creators' rights, has launched a new line of creator-owned comics, MonkeyBrain Comics. It debuted yesterday.

One of the launch titles is Edison Rex, by Roberson and artist Dennis Culver. The premise: The world's greatest mad scientist has finally defeated his heroic arch-enemy. So what will he do next?

Four pages from issue 1 )
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More multiversal insanity and pale-haired swordsmen than you can shake a stick at, courtesy of Elric: The Balance Lost #3 (and a bit from #2).

Still loving the art in this book )


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