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I realise that I have been a little heterocentric in my posts for Valentines Day, which is fair enough, since the characters I tend to follow are heterosexual... (though I'm slightly hesitant to call Cypher entirely straight given his indeterminate relationship with a shapeshifting alien for whom gender isn't really clear cut)

At any rate, when I think of gay couples, my mind goes to a couple of examples; Renee Montoya and Kate Kane for one, and another is Apollo and Midnighter.

And if I had to pick one.... )Read more... )
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I was initially pretty happy to learn that the talented Brian Stelfreeze (of Wednesday Comics' Catwoman and the Demon) would be drawing this issue, #6, of The Authority: The Lost Year. Unfortunately, it turned out that he was only doing layouts (or less. The credits list him as "storyteller," whatever that means.) The finishing artist is...not nearly as good.

Ah well, at least there's a decent story buried underneath. )

creator: keith giffen, creator: grant morrison, group: authority, title: the authority, publisher: wildstorm
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So as of the end of last issue, the Carrier's out of juice, stranding the Authority on an Earth that's latched onto a slumbering Lovecraft-ian entity. What next?

Four pages from The Authority: The Lost Year #5...

The team's biggest bodycount yet? )

title: the authority, creator: keith giffen, creator: grant morrison, creator: darick robertson, publisher: wildstorm, group: the authority
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When last issue left off, the Authority were trapped in "our" world. American soldiers had just shot down Apollo in Afghanistan because their radar or whatever picked him up as a missile, and Midnighter had just arrived on the scene to effect rescue.

Seven pages from Authority: The Lost Year #3 )
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OK, I'm very late to the party, but I feel utterly justified in posting this (and making it so big) because, unless I'm mistaken, no one has posted any Authority bits yet. My opinion of Warren Ellis' work, particularly some of his later stuff, is mixed, but I think that his original Authority run with Bryan Hitch has him at the top of his game, and each of the three arcs has a Perfect Moment. (Big images follow. Apologies in advance for poor image quality and/or any fubars; first time posting this sort of thing to IJ.)

Hit the soft parts with your hand... hit the hard parts with a utensil. )
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