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By request from [personal profile] auggie18, I present this rather awesome fight between Jean Grey and Sabretooth from (Adjectiveless) X-Men #28.

Some context. In order to stave off his bloodlust and maintain some semblance of humanity, Sabretooth has been using a telepath named Birdy to give him "the glow", a mental blast which functions basically as mutant prozac. When she's killed he decides the only logical conclusion is to go let Wolverine "do what needs to be done". Problem is, just a few issues ago Magneto went and ripped out all of Wolverine's adamantium and Logan's not in much of a position to do anything to anybody.

With Sabretooth on his doorstep, Xavier enters Creed's mind and discovers that he perfectly remembers all of his past victims, which is driving him even further into psychosis. Xavier decides that Sabretooth can be redeemed and thus they cage him up in the mansion and therapy begins.

This goes over about as well with the X-Men as you'd expect, but one member in particular is having serious reservations. After comforting Jubilee in the wake of a major Sabretooth-themed nightmare, Jean gathers Scott, Hank and Ororo at Harry's to talk about it. With all the questionable actions Xavier's taken lately (from having Storm steal for him up to the assault on Magneto), is this what they should be doing, or just another example of Charles losing it? The discussion goes from "well we took in Wolverine and Rogue and worked out okay" to "Sabretooth's powers aren't out of control he's just an evil guy who likes to use them to torture and kill people".

Things seem to keep getting worse with Sabretooth going out of his way to deeply freak out each and every person he encounters. Jean finally snaps and confronts Xavier directly. That's when Scott figures it out.


Cue drama, as only the '90s can do it. )
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Like it or not, when it comes to fatherhood in the DCU, one's mind automatically goes to Bruce Wayne, who has become responsible for more kids than any hero going... Not remotely what I meant < /Amanda Waller>

These have been posted before, in one case by me, but they are so apt I make no apology for posting them again

Becoming a father, in the unique Bat way )

Turnabout is fair play )

As in fanart, so in the real world )
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Marvel: 1602 is one of the few comics that I found not through S_D, but through an internet search on the lost colony of Roanoke. Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the New World is a major character in this 8-part series, with the ability to shift into animals (based on this legend). The history nerd in me absolutely adores this. Another semi-historical tale, Superman: Red Son, is perhaps my second favorite Elseworld.

The premise of Marvel:1602 is that the heroes from the regular Marvel Universe are transplanted into the year 1602, just as Queen Elizabeth I lay dying and King James of Scotland set to take the throne. We meet familiar-yet-not characters such as Sir Nicholas Fury, the Queen's spymaster, Doctor Stephen Strange, the Queen's physician, Peter Parquagh, Carlos Javier and his school for sons of gentlefolk, the Four from the Fantastick, David Banner, Grand Inquisitor Enrique, aided by Sister Wanda and Petros, and Otto von Doom.

Here is a teaser showing us these characters from the first issue (4 pages):

Now, ask your first question )

Also there are dinosaurs.

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I'm normally not a Neil Gaiman fan. I keep giving him chances and finding out I dislike his work all over again. But, sometimes, I think he's brilliant. One page from Detective Comics #853.

Under the cut )
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Something bright shines in the midst of despair... ) 

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New announcements over at the House of Ideas as the interview with Senior Vice President of Sales and Circulation David Gabriel about how Marvel's best are getting limited series to play with. IGN has the interview with David Gabriel. Possible spoilers for Second Coming (The Return, Part II).

The best of the best of the best )
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The DCU Blog posted the final two covers to the Return of Bruce Wayne, and I really, really like the one for issue #5.

More b/w art by Andy Kubert behind the cut )

char: batman/bruce wayne, creator: andy kubert, genre: previews, publisher: dc comics
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Two more covers to The Return of Bruce Wayne are up at DCU Blog. Pretty black n white art by Andy Kubert! I know in the previous posting for Covers #1 & #2 we got spoilers as to what they may be, but here are #3 & #4.

Shiver mee timbers... )


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