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"The stories are thematically united by the idea of identity, but not so much "secret" identity… more "personality" identity, who we want to be versus who we are from moment to moment.

The reason it's called American Alien is that the thing that's always interested me about Superman the least are his alien origins. I think they're important thematically, but ultimately what I like about him as a character is that he was someone who was "born" in the U.S.A. and has grown up wanting to be the best kind of person.

Each of the stories is him challenging himself — while being challenged — about what kind of person he is. They're less about becoming a superhero and more about becoming not-an-asshole.
" - Max Landis

Writer: Max Landis
Artist: Nick Dragotta
Colorist: Alex Guimaraes

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Seems some of the best Fathers Day posts come from Joe Kelly's run on ACTION COMICS. Here are a few pages from ACTION COMICS #800. They focus on Jonathan Kent and one of those "mentor figures" Clark had during his "walk the Earth like Caine in 'Kung Fu'" phase.

Pa has a nice ring to it )
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I have posted this before, but it is great for Father's Day. ACTION COMICS #797 is a "cool down" issue after "Ending Battle." Superman is explaining some things to Claire Foster, a therapist recommended to him by J'Onn J'Onzz. He's changing the names, of course.

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I'm starting college again Monday, so will likely have less time to spend on Scans Daily. Therefore, now is the time to make an extra-large post.Given my own proclivities, I'm sure you're not surprised it's a Superman comic. To be precise, Action Comics #500.

We'll have a glorious 21 pages of a 64 page story, a time capsule of what Superman was like in 1979.

The Life Story of Superman )

Your thoughts and comments?
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You can say a heck of a lot about Jonathan Kent. Here's two pages of Clark Kent doing so.

From ACTION COMICS #797 after the end of "Ending Battle."
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Because [personal profile] feyandstrange was the only one who voted for it, consider this post a fulfillment of request.

Spy and Counterspy was published by American Comics Group - publisher you may remember as home to Herbie the Fat Fury and Cowboy Sahib. The title was billed as a combination of intrigue and action (for boys) and romance (for girls), which was a fairly interesting concept. After 2 issues, it was renamed Spy-Hunters. together, the title lasted 24 issues, between 1949 and 1953.

Sky and Counterspy 01 - Jonathan Kent - Header

Now, some historical background. The first issue of Spy and Counterspy was published in August 1949. The tensions between United States and Soviet Union have been simmering since the end of World War II. In the aftermath of the war, nobody was too keen to fight again, but the risk was always there. Only a few months before the issue was published, the Cold War almost turned hot when Stalin tried to prevent Western powers from delivering supplies to Berlin. And it would only be a few more months before the Soviet-backed Democratic People's Republic of Korea would invade American-backed Republic of Korea, triggering the Korean War. You can't really blame Americans for being paranoid, and boy did the writing in the comic reflect that.

I wasn't old enough to really remember Soviet Union, but I was still old enough to be exposed to its propaganda. I am used to reading stories about brave Soviet agents stopping insidious American spies who sought to sabotage the Soviet Union, steal its defense secrets and pave the way for the invasion. Like Americans, my people lived under constant threat that an evil foreign superpower and its allies would try to conquer us. Reading Spy and Counterspy, I couldn't help but try to imagine what the stories would have looked like if they were written from the Soviet perspective. And, I confess, reading comics with American spies as protagonists was a bit...disconcerting. I imagine American readers would experience similar dissonance if they read translations for Soviet stories I grew up

The first issue of Spy and Counterspy had many interesting stories, but ultimately, I decided to share this one for a simple reason - the name of the protagonist. Because a name like that is just asking for jokes and wild theories. Unfortunately, the credits were lost in time, so I have no idea who wrote or drew that.

With this in mind, on with the story:
The cowardly, craven agent of the Capitalists kills brave defenders of the people, spreads subversive propaganda and schemes to destroy our ability to protect ourselves(15 pages under the cut) )

Tune in next time to see some letters' pages from various Novelty Press comics.
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Twice (if not more) on interviews he gave on Friday, Mad Men's Jon Hamm talked about how the Internet rumor mill wants him to play Superman. Hamm said he's "aged out" of playing Superman, unless they want to show how Clark Kent gets great parking. (In a slightly related story, Christina Hendricks of Mad Men will voice Lois Lane in the animated adaptation of ALL-STAR SUPERMAN.)
But even if he doesn't play Kal-El, to me, Jon Hamm might have a place in the next Superman movie.

ACTION #700 pages and fanboy rambling after the cut. )
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There were a few notable DC characters who didn't get to be Black Lanterns--one of them was Pa Kent. So let's go back in time, to a story where Pa Kent rises from the grave for one last visit to his son.

And promptly meddles in Superman's love life. )

Your thoughts, comments?

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char: Lois Lane
char: Superman/Clark Kent
creator: Cary Bates
creator: Curt Swan
creator: Dick Giordano
creator: Ross Andru
publisher: DC Comics
title: Action Comics


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