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The Young Justice TV tie in comic was fairly unique insamuch as it works in parallel with the broadcast series. Events from the series were referenced in it and even more unusually plot points from the TV series were revealed or expanded in the comic. (This is probably because the comic was written by Greg Weisman, also the story editor for the series itself and he believes in cross marketing)

Case in point a long time Batman villain who had a new origin, and one which ties into a rather unexpected character; The Daughter of the Demon herself;

Talia Al Ghul )
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I had a strangely difficult time with this one--strange because you'd think there's so many options! I was going to try to keep my posts from being too Bat-heavy, but in the end I wound up sticking in one more:

Ra's al Ghul )
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Next post, a decent Bruce one, I swear. But right now, B&R #32 and Robin Rises: Omega:

Ra's Al Ghul, Head of the I Ran Out of Storage Closets )

Food for Thought: They just released some previews for Batman Earth One: Volume Two at SDCC. Apparently Croc is in it, although no news for the Riddler.
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Couldn't resist posting this one page from this weeks "Batman and..." Guest Starring Ra's al Ghul. Batman tracks down Ra's who has stolen Damian's Corpse in order to use to Lazarus Pit to revive him. Batman stops him and is loading the body on the Batwing when Ra's following behind threatens vengeance on the Bat-Family and Gotham if he leaves with Damian, Batman turns and they duke it out...

Scan after the cut
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[personal profile] espanolbot 's post about Martha Wayne's underrepresentation in Batman stories inspired me to post pages from Greg Rucka's and Klaus Jansen's 2003 miniseries Batman: Death and the Maidens.

Rucka's run on the regular Batman titles culminated with Batman realizing that he's still Bruce Wayne at his core, and that he should be nicer to his family for the x time.

When Rucka came back to write "Death and the Maidens" he simultaneously reinforced his previous points while attempting to plug one of Bruce's other persistent wells of angst and drama: the perpetual mourning over his parent's death.

And in doing so, he gave Martha one her most extensive roles in a Batman story that I can think of.

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Yeah. I had a bunch more "Villains Being Awesome" moments to post, but there are so, so few days of October left. Ergo, I decided to lump several of them into one post!

As a last-ditch effort to establish some kind of connecting theme beyond "Batman villains", I chose the three villains featured in what popular opinion has deemed the worst Batman film to date, Batman & Robin. If anyone deserves to have their awesomeness trumpeted and the reputations that that movie gave them destroyed, it's these three. And I say that as a guy who's usually apathetic (at best) to two of them.

Behind the cut: What Ahnold, Uma, and Swenson should have been! )
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So this week gives us the 13th Action Comics Annual, and it's just as much about Lex Luthor as the rest of Action Comics is right now.

Rather than serving as an elaboration on The Black Ring, it's what Paul Cornell calls "kind of a Secret Origin continued", showing us Young Lex out of Smallville with a full head of hair.

There're two stories, one drawn by Marco Rudy and one by Ed Benes, chronicling his life and time before prominence and LexCorp; both pit him against some real movers and shakers.

The Rudy-drawn one opens the annual, and let's just say listening to the Metropolis OST complements it rather well. )
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So saw this while rereading the whole series.

Whoa. Brother? All his underlings call him master. Is it literal? Thoughts?
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[personal profile] benicio127 and [personal profile] shelleymaree are taking a break today, so the mods are stepping up to kick off today's 30 Days of Scans topic - Favorite Rogues Gallery.

As per usual, you can comment with your choices in this post, or make your own!

So, S_Ders, which is your favorite gallery of rogues?

The obvious choice under the cut. )
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Look, it's "One Perfect Moment" week, it's me... you KNOW I had to do one of these, right?

You're a new villain, you want to make a splash, make a name for yourself. For that you need Batman as your nemesis, and how do you go about getting him to even notice you, after all, it's not like Gotham isn't awash with bad guys already...

You could send flowers, or chocolates, or write him a letter or... )

And at no extra charge, ANOTHER One Perfect Moment from only two pages later in the same issue

How to introduce a new bad guy with STYLE! )

The above courtesy of Batman 232, by Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano.

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Images behind the cut. )
title: batman, creator: mike w. barr, creator: trevor von eeden,char: ra's al ghul, char: talia al ghul,char: batman/bruce wayne,char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson


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