Cyborg #3

Nov. 28th, 2015 07:18 am
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"Vic is on an evolutionary journey, one that will redefine who he is, what he is, and how he interacts with the word. We’re taking our hero on a journey, and it wouldn’t be much of a journey if he didn’t face new challenges and go through changes. If these challenges and changes can be viewed as a statement of intent, that’s fine. The real intent is for readers to get to know more about Vic as he learns more about himself — it’s about experiencing this evolutionary phase of his life as he’s going through it." - David F. Walker

Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Ivan Reis & Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Scott Hanna, Albert Oclair, Ivan Reis
Colorist: Adriano Lucas

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We're not quite done with the Odyssey ride yet, but 610 gives us a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. 4 pages.

You'll recall that in 609, Dr. Psycho took Diana on a jaunt through an interdimensional space and showed her several of her potential selves/origins, then told her to "create herself." She then fought her way through the forces of nature - metaphorical, I guess - to a Themysciran temple flanked by columns of variant Wonder Women, where Diana recommitted herself to being an avatar of Truth and Justice, I guess.

Then she woke up. In a hospital bed. Being tended to by Dr. Etta Candy. And Nurse D. Prince.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? )

So that's a glimpse of the new setting Wondy's apparently going to settle in. There's at least one more page that has to be posted here; personally I'm thinking [personal profile] bluefall is just the one to do it. :D


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