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"There's a great quote from Kurt Vonnegut, from his book Mother Night, 'We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.'

Everyone wears a mask in some form or another. A work face, a social face, or what have you. There are times when we play a part. The Warners are here to play a part in destroying mankind. But the longer they stay among us, the more they pretend to be like us, the more they become like us.

I think the Warners are also relatable because they're a family. They're a unit of spies, but it's a family unit. And they have all the trappings of a family; parenting disagreements, sibling rivalry, etc.

Obviously, The Americans on FX was an inspiration for the book, but so was the Fantastic Four. I love the adventures Marvel's First Family go on, and all the amazing characters they interact with, but to me, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben are timeless and relatable because they're a family -- with all the good and bad that comes with that. The Warners are a family, too, and our hope is that dynamic reveals that maybe Skrulls aren't so bad after all.

Maybe they're just like us." -- Robbie Thompson

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They'd gone to save one of their own, the Billy Kaplan of that time, from the mark he'd taken.

They and he met its bestower- Doctor Doom, Valeria Richards.

They all lay under her power, all of them except Isaac Newton's Mindful One.

That one's master haltingly told him what to do.

He obeyed, breaking off a piece of himself.

It set out on its task. )
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The effects of channeling his Mark of Sorrow to help defeat the Author of the Word of God were telling on him.

Doctor Strange and most of the other Sorcerers Supreme from across time that he'd fought alongside were by his side.

Isaac Newton advised finding the person with whom Billy'd dealt to get the mark.

Strange asked Billy who that was.

Billy flashed back, flashed forward, to the circumstances of the deal.

It'd happened because he'd come to help. )
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Doctor Strange and the others Merlin'd recruited from across time to fight the power of that book (plus Howard the Duck, who'd been pulled in while helping the Sorcerers and the Avengers out in Central Park) escaped it.

On the back of origami folded from a page, they flew to meet the book's Author and the others of their number- Yao (the young Ancient One) in the grip of the Author's hand, and Isaac Newton in the grip of the Author's power.

The Author saw them.

" Foolish Earth-meats. Your little dragon amuses, but you have no real power here. "

Howard agreed. )
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He came to Isaac Newton, who'd been using that power.

He came to those who'd been fighting Newton- Doctor Strange, some other Sorcerers Supreme from across time, and the Avengers.

The Sorcerers Supreme whom he met weren't all of the ones Merlin'd gathered against the previous user(s) of the Author's work.

Two of them, the Conjuror and Yao (the young Ancient One), were at Night Nurse's.

They and she'd been stunned by a lesser manifestation- a servant of the Author's, in the body of the Conjuror's brother (who'd been one of the few parts of the Word-using gestalt Newton'd taken the power from that'd survived).

' Take me to my master, or be destroyed! ' roared the servant. )
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His enemy, the Forgotten, was preparing to devour the other Sorcerers Supreme Merlin'd gathered against them.

Newton raised his voice to the Forgotten, spoke the word that they and now he knew.

The Forgotten was blasted into their component magicians, defeated and mostly dead.

Newton went for one of them.

" Newton! " Doctor Strange yelled after him.

" You knew of the Forgotten's magic? "

Newton didn't acknowledge him. )


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