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"When I started reading comics, the continuity was a huge part of the appeal to me. Nowadays it’s a drawback. Not the character’s history, but the interlockedness of it all tying up creative vision into narrower boxes than I’d prefer. I’m glad to see Frank Miller’s take on the DC characters in their own world. I’d love to see it for other creators. I’d like to see Mark Waid do _exactly_ what he’d like to do with Superman, without having to be concerned about editorial approval or whether it matches up with what’s going on in FLASH or JLA. I’d like to see Jaime Hernandez do whatever the hell he wanted. Or others. I want ridiculous stories." -- Kurt Busiek

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'I was thinking about costumes of the mid-Sixties, and how Zatanna and Black Canary both wore fishnet stockings — Black Canary had been wearing them since the late 40s, as it happens, but still, the two of them represented a particular look to me. The sexy gal in the fishnets who kicked ass alongside the boys, but who had a look that was about allure more than action, because it was a different time. I figured Honor Guard could easily have a character like that, and Hummingbird was the result. A bird — particularly a small bird — seemed like something that fit that more sexist era, and I couldn’t recall any time “Hummingbird” had been used.' -- Kurt Busiek

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'[Starfighter] was a hero with an outer-space connection, who’d gone “cosmic” in the 1970s, a la Jim Starlin makeovers of characters like Captain Marvel and Warlock. I suggested to Alex he have a big ol’ biker moustache and energy powers, and left it at that.

'Over the years, he cropped up in the background a lot, which gave me more of a sense of what the character felt like to me, but much of his actual background came up when I was writing this story. I made him a novelist because I’d wanted to use that idea for Carol Danvers at Marvel, didn’t quite get there but still liked it, came up with all the “lorus” stuff as a different way to play “cosmic,” things like that.'
-- Kurt Busiek

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Well, this is a difficult posting task - once again Lobdell, Barrows and Merino have committed rampant Double-Page Splash Abuse in crafting their fight scene. So I'm giving you a summary of the fight and three post-fight pages.

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Next Issue: "The End of a Titan!" (But Not the One You Think!)
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In which the Titans take on Raven's three demonic half-brothers, and we get a better look at what nU!Raven can/will do in action.

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Next: Dark Titans!


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