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"I must admit that it was the Farm as a whole that sold the Fables concept to me. I had been longing to draw more organic environments and especially wildlife, and suddenly here was a story arc full of just that (plus a couple of beautiful woman to draw which is never a bad thing to draw). Thinking I would only be able to draw Fables for one story arc, Bill and Shelly offered me a choice, Legends in Exile or Animal Farm. I picked Animal Farm...and loved it so much I couldn't bear to leave! If only I'd know!"
Mark Buckingham (Fables Encyclopedia)

((7 and a 1/2 out of 22 for all issues)
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I hope this doesn’t come across as cynical, but I think this ripe for possible movie or TV-type interpretations. At DC, we had a 10-year head start on Fables over all the stuff that popped up where people said, ‘Oh, this reminds me of Fables, they should have just done Fables,’ and I agree with all those people. The people who were in charge of exploiting Fables in that regard just really, really dropped the ball. With First Comics, for toys, games, movies, TV, any of that, I have the absolute say on ‘Yes, we will do that/No, we wont.’ I’m tired of that decision being in other people’s hands. In a cocky, swagger-y sort of way, I’m interested to see if I can do a little better than the vast DC media machine in getting something like this underway. -- Bill Willingham

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Reading KAMANDI CHALLENGE 5 makes me wistful for a monthly Bill Willingham series. Nice Ivan Reis art, too! -- Kurt Busiek

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My inspiration for the new Tarzan series with Dynamite is Jason and the Argonauts, but the ship is a Martian flyer and the crew is drawn from the entire sprawling [Edgar Rice Burroughs] universe. Look for Jane, Korak, Meriam, John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Jason Gridley, David Innes, the Mucker, the man/monster from Vat 13, the Oskaloosa Kid, the Rider, La of Opar, and even some obscure ones. They'll go to lost worlds, inner worlds, distant worlds, and maybe even Beyond the Farthest Star. I told myself, if I ever get the chance to play in the ERB sandbox, I'm going to truly wallow in it. - Bill Willingham

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So I work retail and I chose to use "Happy Holidays," as my parting words and occasionally I get snap-back on it... Had someone ask me "If [I] don't say Merry Christmas anymore?"

Well I do... if I have any indication they celebrate Christmas, if they are buying a Christmas card, a Christmas movie, if they wish me a Merry Christmas... I'll say Merry Christmas to them, otherwise I just feel like being inclusive. It's not the store's policy; it's my own personal policy.

One Page from 1001 Nights of Snowfall

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The Hollow

Feb. 5th, 2016 08:45 pm
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This is from DC's "House of Mystery" #1. It's pretty effective in my opinion.

A heavy warning for gore and general grotesqueries.

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