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After Thundra's Guide to Picking up Men and Hyperion's Guide to Speed Dating, I give you Hyperion's Guide to Flirting with a waitress.
The first two extracts come from the excellent Hyperion: Daddy Issues mini series (which features exactly none of Hyperion's own children from Hickvengers) by Chuck Wendig, Ario Anindito and Nik Virella, while this is from the post-Secret Wars Squadron Supreme series by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk. Four pages from Squadron Supreme (2015-2017) #7

If you're tight on time and need to find love in a hurry, just remember Hyperion's Three Rules for Finding Love

  • Truth without compromise

  • Thought without error

  • All things for the betterment of the whole

This is from the time that Hyperion is discovering America by driving a truck across the country, with hilarious results, rather than co-parenting a bunch of genetically superior zebra children with Thor in the Savage Land.
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'I was told at the time, “You can kill him off but you have to bring him back quickly. You can’t take too long.” So the funny thing is I originally intended to bring him back in issue #6, but then Tom Brevoort said, “If anybody wants to set something in Weirdworld that would be great.” So I did the two issues in Weirdworld, which ultimately, every single aspect of those two issues and what came after all lead up to the resurrection of Namor: Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion’s vulnerability to magic, Warrior Woman and the country that she’s taken over. All of those were narrative building blocks that were building to the current “Finding Namor” arc. So I always intended to bring Namor back, but it was interesting that his inevitable return of course got delayed, and then you don’t realize that all of a sudden he’s been dead for 10 months.' -- James Robinson

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"When you write a team book and all your characters are running around all at once it can feel like every other team book. So that stuff isn’t very fun to write. When you break the team into smaller groups though you can explore and play with their personalities." -- James Robinson

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Hunger #1

Jun. 21st, 2016 10:12 pm
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"Hunger was always the first leg of this event, and I took that opportunity to showcase just how different the Cosmic side of the Marvel Universe is. It’s something that we haven’t seen in a few years, but its been one of my favorites. What Warren Ellis did in the Galactus Trilogy, or the Gah Lak Tus Trilogy, I should say, and what was going on in the Fantastic Four were some of my favorite comics in the Ultimate Universe, so to get to play with them was great. What we’re teeing up is a very, very angry Galactus setting his sights on the planet that has caused him endless suffering in another universe."

- Joshua Hale Fialkov

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