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The Exiles were a fun group in Marvel, being essentially a group of alternate X-Men traveling world to world doing their best to fix them but you'll see what I mean below...

From Exiles volume 1 issues 1 and 2.

12 pages from issues 1 (out of 38 pages
7 pages +cover from issue 2 (regular sized issue)

title: Exiles, creator: Mike Mckone, creator: Judd Winnick

char: blink/clarice ferguson, char: mimic/calvin rankin

Time to meet the group! )

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Well, it's finally been confirmed in-text (as opposed to just an interview with Jeff Parker) that the new Exiles' Blink is the same one from the old Exiles.

Two scans of proof under the cut. )

Now, I didn't follow Claremont's bastardization of Exiles...was there anything in there that would account for why Blink's been hiding her past from her new team-mates?

P.S. Anyone recognize all the robots in the crowd scene on the first page? I see Awesome Andy, but I have no clue who the others are.


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