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One of them's the Rose.

The other's the Crime-Master.

Both of them're gonzo masterminds, legacies whose predecessors were gangsters that fought Spider-Man. The Rose menaced Michael Morbius in Joe Keatinge and Richard Elson's take on the Living Vampire, in the same way as the Crime-Master did Flash Thompson in Rick Remender and Tony Moore's Venom.

The threats they presented were different from those of the ones whose names they'd taken.

(Two warnings- first, there's close to forty images under this cut.

Second, there's some violence.)

Theirs were grander in scope and scale. )
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"And I was thinking a lot about the white default -- this notion we seem to have that everyone is white unless you specify otherwise. I decided I wanted to reverse that. I asked Val to do a thing in the script where unless I specify someone is white, they're not." - Kelly Sue DeConnick

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Since this post raised the question, I dug back into the archives to see Emma Frost and Sue Storm going out on the lash.

It's from Marvel Knights 4: Impossible Things Happen Every Day, by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and assorted artists. This is from issue #21, with art by Valentine DeLandro.

It's Sue and Reed's anniversary, but Reed's gone off to Washington for a conference, so Sue wakes up on her own.

After beating up the Mole Man, Sue takes Val out to Franklin's association soccer match (and RAS gets in a Mary-Jane Watson dig) when Alicia phones to ask Sue for a girl's night out.

Carnage does not actually follow
Here come the girls )

And, in the theme of kick-arse women from the last decade, Wu Ao-Shi, the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay will fuck you up bad


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