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One of them's the Rose.

The other's the Crime-Master.

Both of them're gonzo masterminds, legacies whose predecessors were gangsters that fought Spider-Man. The Rose menaced Michael Morbius in Joe Keatinge and Richard Elson's take on the Living Vampire, in the same way as the Crime-Master did Flash Thompson in Rick Remender and Tony Moore's Venom.

The threats they presented were different from those of the ones whose names they'd taken.

(Two warnings- first, there's close to forty images under this cut.

Second, there's some violence.)

Theirs were grander in scope and scale. )
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In terms of the Red Hulk, you've no doubt already figured out the answer.

Parker's Hulk run certainly has, its Scorched Earth arc having Rulk take it on the chin from Iron Man, Thor, and Namor. It's also realized that if you want to make a character viable beyond the events of his creation (despite Incredible's upcoming conclusion, Hulk promises to be predominantly "all red" for a while yet.. Rulk and Red She-Hulk? Definitely a familial connection..), you've got to draw him away from it.

To that end, it's been cranking out all-new antagonists since March, four deathly deadly terrors with their own reasons to see Rulk dead: the living weapon Omegex, the vengeful soldier Fortean, the creative mastermind Zero/One, and the haunting Hyderabadian spectre known as the Black Fog.

It's wrapped up those acts of creation with this month's #33, to take Rulk off to space; if future solicits are any indication, it won't be coming back to them for a few months at the least. Still, Parker's done a nice job dropping a few new toys into the box, and I'm eagerly anticipating his picking them up again.

(A note: These're pages from Hulk #30.1-33, none of which exceed the 7/21 split; only 4 from this week's #33 are below, for those who need to know that sort of thing.)

Partly because he's also been fairly deft at their construction.. )
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Two opposite figures (younger and older versions of the Sphinx), battling each other in a place where time has no meaning and space has no contiguous sense...

... summoning heroes and villains from across time to serve as their pawns in this battle, pitting one against the other on different battlefields...

... and the winner gets the other's Ka Stone, and all the near-godhood that that entails.

(Okay, that also makes it like every Marvel " giant spaceman proxy fight " story ever, but a Keith David!Sphinx would be kinda neat if it ever happened, so it all evens out.)

Anyhow, the battles concluded last issue- the older's pawns, represented by everyone who ever beat him (Nova, Darkhawk, Mister Fantastic, Black Bolt, and Namorita) triumphed over the younger's (a bunch of guys whose powers come from " the ancient crystals ", ranging from Moonstone to Man-Wolf.)

But then, it turned out older!Sphinx's motives amounted to more than curing his time cancer...  )
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So, it's been two and a half months since I opened the project up for user contributions, and since that time I've received, among a number of choruses and "never just you" lines, half of the lines in the actual verses! I'm eternally grateful for the contributors so far, but we still have a few lines to fill, and that's where you guys come in! )

Remember, I need all submissions by 11:59p on February 14th! If you want to be a part of the project, please record something by that time!
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What ho, Scans_Daily!
Maybe you saw it a few months ago when [personal profile] bluefall made an icon based on the Discovery channel's Boom De Yada song, or you've encountered it through some of the other users who worn it. Well, you may be excited to learn that [personal profile] mad and I have been working with her to expand it!

But that's not all, we need your help to make this the true community effort it ought to be!

So who wants to be a part of the Scans_Daily Boom De Yada? )
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so, the Human Defence Corps.

Currently the unit General Sam "Wade Eiling 1.1" Lane's in command of, they were created under the Luthor administration to be the one armed gov't group gunning after non-baseline threats that was actually public.

And they know what they're doing, surprisingly.  )
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"I have no qualms about accepting a useful idea merely because it wasn't my own."

Here's the other half of Dark Force Rising. First part was here. You can probably tell that this time I have the book in hand.

When I uploaded these, I forgot to shrink them, and I am not going to delete them and reupload smaller versions. So the contents of this post are on my Livejournal.

Well? What is your choice?
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Hello there, I would like to present to you two works, or perhaps one and a half. The first is Gil Kane's classic Superman story, "Behold, the Ultimate Man!" The second is my 24-hour comic where I attempted to redraw and retell the story, with mixed success.

I don't know how easy this will be to read -- you're reading two things at once, and it can be confusing. There is a lot of writing below. Take your time and please feel free to respond to only part instead of the whole.

Superman Special #1: "Behold! The Ultimate Man!" 44 pages, of which the equivalent of 14 are reproduced below interwoven with 24 pages of hasty reinterpretation.

Read more... )
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Five years after Endor and the death of the Emperor, the Empire was in bad shape. There had been successors who had ruled the Empire, or tried to. Pestage, the Tribune, Ysanne Isard. Under them it splintered, warlords like Teradoc and Zsinj splitting off on their own to fight them and the New Republic. The Empire just kept losing people and worlds, rarely if ever winning any important battles. And then the last of the Grand Admirals came back from the Unknown Regions. Alien. Analytical. Awesome.

"I am Grand Admiral Thrawn. I have been away, but now I have returned. I know some of what has occurred. You will fill in the details of the rest when I come aboard. Rejoice, Captain, for the Empire will rise again." - A Grand Admiral Returns

Next up is Dark Force Rising.

Why is the tag "Heir of the Empire"? And why have a tag for it at all? Only two posts will ever use it.
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"It was just after four o'clock on November 6, 1989, and I was three days into writing my first novel for my new publisher, Bantam Books, when the phone rang. It was my agent. "Tim," he said after the usual pleasantries, "we have a very interesting offer here."" - Zahn

This is the honorary Episodes Seven, Eight, and Nine. This is what kickstarted the Star Wars Expanded Universe as we know it. Marvel Star Wars was there first, true, and so were Han Solo's and Lando Calrissian's short trilogies, and Splinter in the Mind's Eye, and assorted minor comics and kidlit. They didn't usually stray far from the movies, though, and they weren't epic. Not like this. Well, actually, this is just the comic book adaptation of that trilogy. And it's not as good, but I can't find too much fault with that. I love the Thrawn Trilogy, Zahn's writing, and his characters. I really do.

The art for Heir to the Empire really isn't all that good. Stick around, though. Other books get better. I think two posts per book, meaning three issues per post, should do. There are twenty eight pages in the first issue, twenty six in the second, and twenty four in the third.
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Walt Simonson has just about drawn every major character for every major publisher throughout the last thirty-odd years. Best known for his work on Thor, Starslammers, Fantastic Four, Battlestar Galactica and Orion, Simonson’s style has always been lauded as having the energy to rival Jack Kirby’s. But just as his legendary predecessor’s work was seen, all of the subtlety in Simonson’s work is often overlooked. Even in the most frantic piece, Simonson manages give it a quiet sense of characterization.

Hell, he just draws purty, OK?

Since I can easily make thirty different posts based on his covers alone, I’ve posted some of my personal favorite comics and covers by Simonson.

[Archived and cross posted at: ]

It’s really just a dinosaur, the signature is… )


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