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Richard Rider and Laura Dunham have entered the "let her know I'm a superhero" part of their relationship.
What could possibly go wrong?

Trigger warning for rape getting mentioned and off-panel suicide.

The distraction )
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Part of why I stopped reading comics for the most part has been, well, the idea of 'oh, you don't like the A-list characters? We don't want your business.' I was getting to a point where to read about my fave characters, I'd have to wait til some writer remembered they existed, or I could keep my fingers crossed that they'd show up in a group shot background panel in the next big event.

(And to be fair, both of the Big 2 do this.)

I refer to that as 'Table Scraps.' I eventually got tired of it. But, it still exists.

I was hoping after issue #7 last month, something about Nova's New Warrior guest stars would be up in the comic news, with Marvel NOW's 2nd wave. And while there have been some cool announcements...well, nada.

So, I share this, and I keep waiting.

4 pages from Nova #8 )
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There's been mention in the new Nova series of some friends of the previous Nova showing up, as hinted in a few of the old solicitations by using the first letter of the blurb.

Nova #7
Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Paco Medina
Cover By: Ed McGuinness
Nova's Eventful World-Wide Adventure Rockets Roaringly Into Our Renegade Spider!

I think this was how Angela was hinted at in another solicit for another book.

These two pages from Nova #7 definitely have my attention, since they're characters I want to read more things about. I want to believe this will be part of Marvel Now's 2nd wave.

About time they showed back up. )
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Two opposite figures (younger and older versions of the Sphinx), battling each other in a place where time has no meaning and space has no contiguous sense...

... summoning heroes and villains from across time to serve as their pawns in this battle, pitting one against the other on different battlefields...

... and the winner gets the other's Ka Stone, and all the near-godhood that that entails.

(Okay, that also makes it like every Marvel " giant spaceman proxy fight " story ever, but a Keith David!Sphinx would be kinda neat if it ever happened, so it all evens out.)

Anyhow, the battles concluded last issue- the older's pawns, represented by everyone who ever beat him (Nova, Darkhawk, Mister Fantastic, Black Bolt, and Namorita) triumphed over the younger's (a bunch of guys whose powers come from " the ancient crystals ", ranging from Moonstone to Man-Wolf.)

But then, it turned out older!Sphinx's motives amounted to more than curing his time cancer...  )


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