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ALL-NEW X-MEN #10 had Hank McCoy say, "He's putting an army together to fight the humans and he's using Xavier's name to do it." He was talking about present-day Cyclops to time-shifted young Cyclops.

X-MEN: CHILDREN OF THE ATOM was a late 1999-early 2000 miniseries by Joe Casey and Steve Rude, a "take" on how Charles Xavier gathered the original X-Men together. Which was easy, since Scott, Hank and Bobby all went to the same high school.

And here's how those two things tie together. (With a reference to KINGDOM COME.)

Kind of militant, don't you think? )
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"What's this?" I hear you say... "Icon_UK posting rude pictures? Of Wonder Woman no less? On Scans_Daily? Has he gone insane?"

Well, I can't speak to the accuracy of that last part but I should make it clear, I didn't say rude pictures...

I said Rude pictures... )
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I confess I can't bring myself to take entire umbrage with the concept of "Before Watchmen", and it's not a subject I'm going to discuss in this posting as it's been explored in depth elsewhere. It's had some good titles and some titles which left me disappointed or cold, but what I don't think anyone can deny is that, for better or worse, it's had some VERY impressive creators.

Case in point

Len Wein and Steve Rude on 'Dollar Bill' )
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What ho, Scans_Daily!
Maybe you saw it a few months ago when [personal profile] bluefall made an icon based on the Discovery channel's Boom De Yada song, or you've encountered it through some of the other users who worn it. Well, you may be excited to learn that [personal profile] mad and I have been working with her to expand it!

But that's not all, we need your help to make this the true community effort it ought to be!

So who wants to be a part of the Scans_Daily Boom De Yada? )
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Our heroes had braved a brawl at the Black Hole bar, fell into a real black hole, crashed into a bowl world, fought their way through the deadly zones of technology and unarmed combat. After many days they come to the deadliest of all--the Zone of Philosophy!

Part 1, part 2 and now...the conclusion. (App 8 pages from the 28-page Nexus 8)

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The comic book 'Nexus' was a space opera. The main protagonist, Nexus, dressed like a superhero, had powers like a superhero--but wasn't a superhero. Compelled by psychic dreams from the scifi future distant planet on which he lived, he was a murderous fiend to governments whose mass murdering heads of state he routinely assassinated, he was a hero to oppressed masses, many of whom followed him to his home for protection.

Judah Maccabee, an apelike alien quasi-bounty hunter who patterned his life after Nexus was one of his few trusted friends. Not having powers naturally, Judah has a sword that channels the power of a group of psychics that back him.

'Badger' was a comic book about a former Special Forces Vietnam veteran with multiple personality disorder and a few manias who ran around modern day Wisconsin dressed in a costume beating up rude people because he believed he had a mission from god. And god was a badger.

This is their teamup story, and one of the all-time greats. (Approx 4 pages from Nexus 5, 4 from Nexus 6)


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