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And if anyone is interested, I'm currently running the Annotated DC blog, where I go over the references and homages to various DC works across different types of media. I know that some folks here follow it, so I thought that I'd post a link in case anyone else is curious. :)
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Hi folks!

I reviewed "The Forgotten Man" graphic novel back a while before it was formally published. It's been out since May, so I feel safe in posting a few pages from it.

It's a revisionist history with the premise that FDR's New Deal policies actually prolonged the Great Depression by putting regulatory burdens on businesses and spending money on infrastructure projects, instead of allowing the invisible hand of the free market and self-starting enttepeneurs free reign to pick the country up from its doldrums. (This is largely nonsense.)

Below the cut, five pages of 294 (story pages, the book itself is 316 pages.) This was an advanced proof and some of the printing is a little blotchy.

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You can find my review here:

And other comic book reviews here:

Your thoughts and comments? (Comments on my blog also helpful)
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I picked up a few regular comics as well as the free ones on Free Comic Book Day. After the previous post where young Nova asks some semi-relevant questions, I noticed that he's doing it again in Original Sin #0.

As the new kid on the block, I guess it's only fair that he gets to be the viewpoint character for expository information.

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In other news, I'm participating in a blogging challenge, to make 20 posts during the month of May. See some of the results at
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Been a while since we had one of these.

In 1952, Frank Frazetta spent a year as the artist of Johnny Comet, a driver of midget race cars. When I saw this panel in a collection of the strip, I immediately thought of you folks.

Remember, this was in a family newspaper in the 1950s!

Also, please check out my blog, SKJAM! Reviews as some of the posts are relevant to this community's interests.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hi folks!

Time for a good old-fashioned crossover! And by old-fashioned, I mean a story set in 1941.

Gotta love that title. Since DC isn't doing anything with the Spirit right now, it's nice they lent him to IDW for this, and the Rocketeer is a fun character too.

The Case of the Cross-Country Corpse! )

By the by, I am running a book giveaway at my blog, SKJAM! Reviews, and you could win one of seven books! Help me get my book review blog noticed!

Your thoughts and comments?
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From the webcomic "Manly Guys Doing Manly Things," a moment with the Commander and his daughter.

Why did it have to be millipeids? )

Happy Father's Day!

Your thoughts and comments?
Oh, by the way, I'm giving away a book with a cute kitten on the cover over at my blog,
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Hi, Everyone!

A while back, a site called Jmanga ( ) was created to host legal scanned translations of manga. It's a pretty good site, with the caveat that a) you have to pay to get more than a tiny taste, and b) it's mostly obscure titles, not the hot ones, because that's what they can get the licensing for.

So in the interest of plugging the site, I though I'd show you a bit of one of the series I've been following, Anesthesiologist Hana.

It's in a rarely seen in the States subgenre, the edutainment manga. Hana is a semi-realistic look at the work done by anesthesiologists, with a storyline attached. Today we'll have 8 pages of 25 of Chapter 1, "Anesthesiologists".

For this I went to medical school? )
If you're a fan of medical dramas or have always wondered what it would be like to work as an anesthesiologist, this manga might suit you. I do have to caution that there's excessive fanservice, and Hana is awfully undertrained for someone who isn't even an intern anymore.

Also, I have an interview with one of the translators up at my blog, so please stop on by!

Your thoughts and comments?
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For those who were following Fusion here on scans_daily, sorry I took so long to post this last part of Fusion #4. I'm well underway with Issue #5 now (which is a return to a standard-sized issue), and will hopefully have that ready to post in its entirety around March. This last part brings the issue full circle, as well as opening up the major plotlines of the series. For those who need a refresher or wanna catch up, you can read part 1 of Fusion #4 at (and that post has links to the first 3 issues as well) and part 2 at

As always, if you wanna stay current with the series, I update on Tuesdays at

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Hard to believe it's been a year already eh? Last time things were a bit rushed and that caused a few problems when it came to nominating and voting. So this year there will be a lot more time between the various phases.
A nomination post will be made in both communities on March 11th and nominations will be accepted until March 24th. Voting will be from the 25th to the 30th. Voting will end on March 30th and the final award ceremony will take place on March 31st. I think this will give people plenty of time. We'll have a few reminder posts during the nominating and voting periods to make more people aware of the awards.

Right now I can use some help with a few things. Follow the cut to read what you can do to help:Read more... )

If you want to see the previous awards they can be viewed here at scans_daily and here at noscans_daily
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For those of you've been enjoying my posts of Fusion (and again thanks to everyone who's given me feedback), here's part 2 of Issue #4, featuring the introduction of another villain. This brings this giant-sized issue to roughly its halfway point, and I'll post the 3rd and final part (as well as a brief epilogue) when I wrap up work on the issue.

You can read the first part of this issue (as well as find links to the previous issues) at

For those who want to follow the comic instead of wait for a batch post here, I upload on Tuesdays at

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So, last year, I posted this as a response to DC's rising mortallity rate/bussing of minorities. Since it's Black History month and Fan-Thing Thurssday and I've got the rest finished, hey, why not. So we now resume the story in progress, DARKSTARS!

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So, I'm a mugen creator. While some disparage the hobby, and rightfully so, as rife with drama and ego trips... being able to get together and make something that my friends and I have always wanted to play is really special.

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Hello, scan-kateers. (Dailyites? Scandies? What is the appropriate portmanteau-ized noun? Has there been a vote? Somebody needs to get on that.) It's been a very long while since I posted anything to s_d, mostly because I got banned from Livejournal long before s_d did. But I have something for you all today!

See, since I went off and did my own blog where I can write all the poems about unicorns that I like, I've had the opportunity to start working with artists who are phenomenally talented and who frankly will probably soon get hired away from me to work at a Real Comics Company where they pay you in money rather than compliments. This in turn meant that I am now able to create actual comics which people can read and everything.

The first of these projects to reach something resembling fruition is Al'Rashad: City of Myths, which is set in a fantasy world, of sorts, and that's all you get to know for now about the story. The reason you should read this comic, other than that I wrote it and therefore it is a timeless classic, is that Davinder Brar, my collaborator and artist, is basically right now where someone like Jamie McKelvie was five or six years ago: ridiculously talented and working under the radar until such time as Marvel or DC come along and make him King Shit of Fuck Mountain. (If Jamie McKelvie doesn't have that in his job title he should.)

And how ridiculously talented is he?

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