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"It’ll be a lot of what people seemed to enjoy about Superior-Spider-Man, but without the Peter Parker of it all…now it’s Otto Octavius trying to be the superior hero on his own terms. AND THE WORLD SHALL TREMBLE! I mean… feel safe." -- Christos Gage

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"It’s an ensemble book, but a few characters will be at the forefront. Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and, of course, Otto Octavius come to mind. I love writing Otto Octavius." -- Christos Gage

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"Otto’s trying to start fresh, and be the superior hero he knows the world needs; the problem is, he’s still Otto Octavius. It’s the same conflict at the heart of Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad — can this person rise above who he is? Will his flaws make him better…or doom him, and those around him?" -- Christos Gage

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After the 'Superior Octopus' one-shot in October (which I mistakenly thought was going to be the ongoing), our hero Otto will be getting his own ongoing series in December from Christos Cage and Mike Hawthorne.

Gage: "The Superior Spider-Man is back! But this time he's not trying to be a superior Peter Parker -- he's trying to be the best possible Otto Octavius. [This] includes protecting San Francisco, teaching at Horizon University in his cover identity as Elliot Tolliver, and, of course, doing everything much better than anyone else can -- which is why he's still the Superior Spider-Man!"

Really excited that they're still following Otto's journey in this way and not just reverting him back to being a supervillain again.

More info here.

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In BATMAN #50, there is the idea Bruce Wayne can't be happy because then Batman isn't as effective.

During "The Clone Conspiracy," I speculated Dan Slott was doing his own "Peter Parker is just as messed up as Bruce Wayne" thing.

After seeing some of the current AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1, I am looking back at AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #23, set during "The Clone Conspiracy."

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