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In Spider-Man's Civil War II tie-in, we saw Clayton Cole become Clash again because of people mishandling a Ulysses prediction. In the recent ASM #25, we catch up with what he's gotten himself up to since...

Edited: Oops, it turns out we're already at the page limit for recent issues. I'll re-post when the next issue is out.
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Given how... unimpressed I've been by what I've seen of Nightwing #30 (Don't have the issue myself, but there are enough pieces of it poppping around that I've put it together), I thought that rather than complain (well, right now, I might complain later) let's do something a little more positive, so here is Fanart Thursday special!

A Batfamily special )
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and until I've managed to assess my feelings on that, I think I'm going to post a little random pretty from my other favourite heroic acrobat, whose #1 issue came out last week.

To comic geeks, BAMF means something rather different from the slang acronym )
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I cannot wait for more of this book. It's simply delightful. Four pages that have nothing to do with the plot behind the cut. (:

How's my brave little superhero? )

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More stuff for New Female Character week, coming from the pages of Invincible. She's a mainstay of the new Guardians of the Globe, though she's actually not in the Guarding the Globe series.

Her power-set is quite fun and I like her. There's also a good ongoing story with her relationship with Robot and his battle to stop her from de-aging.
From Invincible 25 )

I need to re-read my Invincible books.
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Ah, because I seem to be a sucker for blond female archers I wanted to post something with Cissie because I love her. Who doesn't, right? So here we go.

4 & a half-ish pages from Teen Titans Secret Files )

char: arrowette/cissie king-jones (Couldn't find a tag for her) char: wonder girl/cassie sandsmark, group: teen titans, publisher: dc comics, creator: christina weir, creator: nunzio defilippis, creator: todd nauck
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Note: This issue is now a month old, so I am posting seven images from it.

Scans under the cut... )

char: mary jane watson,char: scarlet spider/ben reilly,char: spider-man/peter parker,creator: howard mackie,creator: todd nauck,creator: tom defalco,event: clone saga,publisher: marvel comics
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[personal profile] jelly_ace asked for "more Tim or more Kon or more of them both together", and if possible more funny than wangsty. I looked through the tags and noticed that Teen Titans #9 hasn't been posted yet, so I bring you:

- Bart driving the batmobile (TT #9)
- its equivalent, Bart flying the batplane (TT #50)
- one "Young Justice page" written by Todd Dezago (TT #50)

12 pages behind the cut )
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Here we are with the penultimate issue of "The Clone Saga" miniseries. Once again, for those who are knew/have forgotten, this is a non-canon retelling of the infamous Spider-Man storyarc as it "should" have been. It follows the storyline of the original saga but makes some pretty big deviations as well. The fifth issue is no different in that regard.

Scans under the cut... )

char: kaine, char: scarlet spider/ben reilly, creator: howard mackie, creator: todd nauck, creator: tom defalco, event: clone saga, publisher: marvel comics, char: mary jane watson, char: spider-man/peter parker,


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