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What 'it' is, though, is the instrument of a driven man's desire.

Where it is is the fourth of Christos Gage and Mario Alberti's Spider-Man/Fantastic Four series.

Three seperate stories've passed, in earlier days- Spidey and Johnny in the midst of Doom and Namor, Peter and Reed versus a certain symbiote escaping its confines and taking unwilling hosts, and a little more of the New Fantastic Four's dealings with the Skrull mindwhammier De'Lila.

Each of them has had a linking thread- a familiarly armored, extratemporal figure who shows up after each fact, to steal a little piece of the story, that they may be knit into a dangerous whole.

The fourth issue, then, answers the implied question:

What could a man with Doom's intellect build given the best of the Latverian monarch's occult libraries, a snatch of symbiote, and Technotroid scrapings? )


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