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Greetings True Believers! Here are three scans from Avengers: The Initiative #35.

Tigra puts one final smackdown on The Hood. Spoilers and enjoy!

Suggested tags: char: tigra/greer grant, char: hood/parker robbins, title: avengers the initiative, event: siege, publisher: marvel comics, creator: christos gage, creator: jorge molina

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Four scans from Avengers: The Initiative #34.  I usually wait until someone else posts before posting again, but it's been a while.


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char: diamondback/rachel leighton, char: captain america/bucky barnes, char: taskmaster, char: sentry/bob reynolds, char: green goblin/norman osborn, char: constrictor/frank payne, title: avengers the initiative, publisher: marvel comics, creator: christos gage, creator: jorge molina
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No this is Maria Hill,Diamond back is under the cut...


Char: Maria Hill,Char: Diamondback/Rachel Leighton,Char:Iron Patriot/Green Goblin/Norman Osborn,Char:Taskmaster,Group: The Initiative, Title: Avengers,the Initiative, Creator: George Molina.

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creator: christos gage,creator: jorge molina, title: avengers the initiative,char: night thrasher/donyell taylor,char: tigra/greer grant,char: hood/parker robbins,publisher: marvel comics
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Siege ends in April and it seems that Marvel has decided to end all four of its core Avengers books with the event (and presumably relaunch them in the Summer). IGN has the solicits here.

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