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In the beginning, Kara wore a blue frock:


If it looked a bit like a high school cheerleader's outfit (back in the day when cheerleader outfits didn't show much skin and weren't all that tight fitting), that was probably intentional. And this suited her just fine all through high school and most of the way though college. And then, 12 years later, her editors belatedly realized the 60's had brought a sea change in fashion, and things started to get weird. Sartorial madness ensued )

And that is the long and sad story of Kara's closet of super outfits. Maybe someone sensible came along and rescued her from further sartorial shame by stealing all but the hotpants ensemble?

In some cases sadly, in other cases thankfully, we never got to see her wearing some of the other outfits in that closet, but evidence of their existence was preserved:Read more... )
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Ah, 1970. The "Mod Squad" had been on the air for three years. Over in Britain, "Mod" styles were fading fast, but in offices of DC comics, where "hip" and "trendy" editors were always proud to be in the vanguard of all the latest cultural trends ("vanguard means in the rear, right?"), it was time for Supergirl to get slightly less behind the times, and a new "Mod" outfit was exactly the thing. Creator credits were still too radical for DC back then, but the Internet knows the blame is all on the head of writer/artist Mike Sekowsky.

adventure 397-00

5/15 pages) )

And that is the tale of how Supergirl hung up her cheerleader frock after, what, 12 years of wearing the exact same thing every day? Something tells me she would have changed things up a lot sooner if not for wanting to avoid a fight with her stick-in-the-mud cousin and his small town Kansas prudery.
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It begins with Supergirl and Streaky facing down a tornado that threatens Stanhope.

They find themselves transported a mysterious world where they have different powers.

The Mysterious Motr of Doov )
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There was a request for more Black Orchid, and I'm happy to oblige. Here's her first appearance, from Adventure Comics #428, 1973.
(5 pages from a 16-page story)
Read more... )
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Welcome, s_d, to the tale of a sweet, modest little romance that bloomed in the background of the Big Universe Saving plots of the 1980s Legion of Super-Heroes. It's the story of a new-agey crystal girl and her mineral balance.

Blok and the White Witch.

We all change. That's what gives us life. )

So now they're both on inactive status. But maybe someday they'll rejoin the Legion, and be cute and lighthearted again. Hope springs eternal, right?
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Last ish of the rebooted Adventure Comics, following the travails of the Legion Academy's newest class. Four pages, in which the rookies find out just what it takes to even be considered for Legion membership.

When last we left our wannabees heroes, Legion Academy instructors Duplicate Girl, Night Girl and Bouncing Boy found Legion of Super-Villians charter member Cosmic King (analogue to Chemical King or Element Lad, not Cosmic Boy) invading the empty Legion HQ, and were soundly trounced. Rookies Comet Queen, Chemical Kid and Dragonwing caught the takedown and moved in for the rescue...

...and are soundly trounced themselves in the first three pages. )
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Picked up Adventure Comics #528 today, still following the adventures of the current crop of Legion Academy students and teachers. It's not a big blockbuster issue, just connective tissue wrapping up a little old business and bringing the Academy folks into the current big Legion of Super-Heroes/Legion of Super-Villains donnybrook. But I did find one or two nuggets of mild interest, and so am posting a cover preview and two panels here.

Graduation Day )

This is one of those jobbies with two sets of pencillers/inkers, which makes for a jarring transition about halfway through the ish. Of the two I think I prefer the first section, which according to the signature on the splash page was pencilled by Geraldo Borges.
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My LCS didn't have this in stock, so a couple of pages, courtesy of CBR from their preview as Phil Jimenez.

As it's a new comic this week, I'll stick to the two page rule, it seems only fair,

But since covers don't count... That remains an awesome outfit for Dragonwing...

Also note in the bottom left box is the Legion's resident medic Dr Gym'll (He makes Bones McCoy look like little Miss Mary Sunshine, but he's a great character) with Variable Lad.

Now THAT'S sci-fi looking! )

Mr Jimenez does seriously kick arse work on this title

And this is also from CBR, a cover variant for New Mutants #25 (New creative team, new direction, etc etc) just because I think it's pretty!

The gangs all here... and then some! )
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In keeping with the theme of [personal profile] superfangirl1's Adventure 517 post, I thought I'd point out that Cosmic Boy suddenly has an interesting addition to how they represent his powerset.

All things considered, maybe they should've stuck with just the magno-rings? )

Snarkers, start your engines. Riffing commences in 3...2...1.... XD

1 page, that makes 5 posted from a 20-page story.

There is no in-comm tag for co-penciler Marlo Alquiza or inker Travis Lanham, if a mod wouldn't mind adding them?
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Wrapping up the scans of Adventure Comic #417 with 4 1/3 pages from the thirteen page Supergirl story, "All Men Are But Slaves!"

This scene does not appear in the story.

The normal rules of perspective don't apply )

Your thoughts, comments?

suggested tags
char: Supergirl/Kara Zor-El/Linda Danvers
creator: Joe Orlando
creator: Steve Skeates
publisher: DC Comics
theme: sexism
title: Adventure Comics
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One of the cool things about DC's long and varied history (and habit of buying other companies' characters) is that you can find almost any kind of oddball character type if you just look hard enough. For example, DC made a stab at the magical girl subtype years before such characters suddenly became popular in America. These scans of "The Enchantress of Terror Castle" are from Adventure Comics #417, (3 pages of 9), but it's a reprint from Strange Adventures #187 (April 1966.) Incidentally, the first Japanese magical girl anime and manga began appearing in 1966 too, a case of congruent evolution....

Really, it's clearly in the subgenre. )

That just leaves the Supergirl story from this issue unscanned...

Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags
char: Enchantress/June Moone
char: Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino
creator: Andrew Dobson
creator: Bob Haney
creator: Howard Purcell
publisher: DC Comics
title: Adventure Comics
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So Adventure Comics 11, out this week, had a Robinson backup concerning "Mon-El's final task!"

Which was a bit more surprising than expected. )


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