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The earliest comic I can remember reading was Justice League of America #76, which contained reprints of two earlier issues, #7 and #12. I was only 4 or 5 years old at the time, so I couldn't really "read" it, but the strange imagery definitely left an impression. Rereading it as an adult is a slightly different experience -- Gardner Fox explains everything *to death* -- but no matter how you slice it, "The Cosmic Fun-House" is still an incredibly weird story.
(6 pages from a 25-page story)
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Guess who's making an appearance in the Brave and the Bold cartoon?

And she appears to be dating someone who understands her )

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Those not well-versed in the Silver Age JLA often ask: "Why would the world's greatest super-heroes let some teenaged punk like Snapper Carr hang out with them?"

Answer: "Because somebody's got to save their sorry asses."


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