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The preview for Flashpoint introduces us to a new iteration of the Marvel Family; six kids, each with one power of Shazam in their mortal form.

That reminded me, sort of, of this story, where Captain Marvel has to deal with a team of villains who share a similar sort of concept.

Well, he IS a 12 year old in an adults body...

From Shazam! The World's Mightiest Mortal #31 in 1977 I bring you

Rainbows are always signs of acceptance, and joy, and equality... well... most of the time )
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Courtesy of the interview which can be seen at Comicscontinuum

Fun Brave and the Bold revelations! )

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What could Billy Batson be looking at with such surprise? Is this the last time he investigates a menace at a San Francisco bath-house?

(Or is he thanking all the deities who make up "SHAZAM" that he IS gagged right at this moment...?)

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For lo I bring you mass nudity of major DC heroes, but yet... it IS safe for work...

See the Teen Wonder without his wardrobe, see Wonder Woman without a stitch on her, see Superman and Aquaman disrobed as you've never seen them disrobed before... And none of them have anything on under their costumes

And believe it or not, it's not in the likes of Vertigo that this happened, but


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