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Newsarama has the article where the creative team about the2ND X-Force squad and their roster.

It's very logical... 2 separate groups of X-men =2 death squads.

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ComicBookResources has the new title, as Nathan Dayspring Summers returns to action, and has his own squad behind him again.

Most of us will not be happy about it.

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ComicBookResources has the preview as one of the
students of the Jean Grey school of Higher Learning is tempted by the dark side.

Its been you all along....  )
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I would personally like to thank for reminding me of why I come to this website and why I post.

To kinky cheap punk teenager thrills from unintentional inappropriate concepts in comics.
Context is for the weak.

How did I miss this? How did Marvel miss this?

Thar He Blows )
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The Dark Angel saga on X-Force was supposed to come out this week, but my local pusher, I mean CBS didn't get it. So I'm fuming, but I was able to get a little taste of the good stuff, and I wanted to share. has the preview. Two behind the cut.

Going straight through the eyeballs into the brain.

Angel's landing. )
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And speaking of Uncanny X-Force, the team gets a new member. ComicBookResources has the preview, and some of you may squee.

The fallout from Schism continues.

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[personal profile] sherkahn has put out several previews for the weekend, some of them have the hardest working mutant in Marvel 616 in them. Previews for X-Force #13 and Wolverine: Best there Is #9 behind the cut.

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Well now, we all know about a certain Winged Mutant's relationship with a certain British Ninja Telepath Trapped in an Asian Body.
With that in mind, check out the cover for Uncanny X-Force #12.
Oh no! What in the world is this?! )

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CosmicBookNews has the preview of issue #7, as the Terminator, I mean Deathlok's from the future come in looking for The World, the Project X time bubble/pocket dimension that birthed Fantomex. No words, just art on the preview.

Come with me if you want to live. )


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