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Haven't seen any posting for this yet, so color me concerned that Marvel doesn't have it's act together to release this, but the info is out there on the internet, courtesy of

Solicits on one page, thumbnails on another.

Edit: Images fixed (still thumbnails, though.)

Marvel April - 2012 )
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This week is a large oddity for me, since there's nothing at all on my pull list.

That's not to say that I don't have things to read.

Last week, I bought Jungle Girl vol.1 on Comixology because each issue was 99c.

I've got a proper book without any pictures to read for book group that's actually quite thrilling, which is an intriguing novelty.

And I've got a small pile of She-Hulk to work through. I picked up the Cosmic Collision issue, because it's drawn by current Supergirl artist Mahmud Asrar. Here's a little snippet )

Here's also a little bit from the 2004 Dan Slott series, where Jennifer Walters get hired at a top legal firm, working in superhero law )
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Here Marvel, here's my wallet. Take what you like and just keep producing the goods like this.

While issue #12 is a mixed affair, and the art is not to my liking, it does have some moments.

The Force is strong with this one.  )


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