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I recently went down a rabbit hole about the fabulous, foul-mouthed Thori. and since my dog can also be a yelling arsehole...
i give you the heartwarming story of seven Yule puppies. )
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Haven't seen any posting for this yet, so color me concerned that Marvel doesn't have it's act together to release this, but the info is out there on the internet, courtesy of

Solicits on one page, thumbnails on another.

Edit: Images fixed (still thumbnails, though.)

Marvel April - 2012 )
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Have you seen Comictwart? It's where a selection of comics artists give themselves a theme to draw for the week and then draw it. It's not as much fun as Hey Oscar Wilde, it's clobbering time!, but it's still pretty good.  )

And for super-legality, Fear Itself artwork )


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