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"It’s a book about the family you make, right? It’s a book about the family you’re not supposed to have but do, due to bad life circumstances. You build the family out of the parts you find. When you can’t trust and rely on your own family, that’s what this book is. It’s these people that are a human junk drawer; they only make sense in the context of one another, but in that context they are great. They are going to save the universe." -- Matt Fraction

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At the end of FF #3, Scott Lang proposed that the Future Foundation's mission was to "End Doom."

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FF #23

Nov. 1st, 2012 07:51 am
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The FF as we have come to know them have come and gone, as this wraps up the last issue of the group and of the team as we know them, with a special emphasis on Franklin Richards, arguably the most powerful mortal in the 616. Older Franklin is teaching current Franklin the ins and outs of godhood, and making "one last tour of the field", as Future Franklin must leave.

The issue has a lot of stand out moments with Marvel-ous moments of mirth and wonder, but the true core of the Fantastic Four is, and always has been, why Reed Richards, Susan Richards, Johnny Storm and Benjamin Grimm and the people they love are the First Family of the Marvel Universe.

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In the last issue of Fantastic Four, Reed and family seized the Wizard from A.I.M.'s new nation-state, and brought him into custody. Bentley 23, the clone of the Wizard, apparently wanted to see him. He approached him with a box containing his helmet, stating that the children of the Foundation thought it best for him to have a personal identifier. He's quite mad, you see.

The Wizard told Bentley to put it on himself.

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FF #21

Aug. 29th, 2012 04:22 pm
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So this week over at DC we go to see some pairings happen, and at Marvel we saw some end.

We have another mismatched pair that we were rooting for fall apart.

(But before that drama, anyone remember this?

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ComicBookResources has the newest instructor to the Future Foundation.

today, the role of Johnny Storm will be played by Mark Harmon (circa 1987) from Summer School.

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We saw the preview earlier, and at times I can hear The Hangover movie theme playing in the background as I read this fun issue, and at times I hear "How do you solve a problem like Maria?"

yeah, I'm weird like that.

So many choice pages to post, but I have already posted 2, so I can only do 2 more.

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