Nov. 1st, 2012

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Now, for all my foibles, I don't normally post gross-out horror, so can you imagine who might have said this that I would post it?

Go on, give a guess before you click on the link (Which IS from a Marvel Zombie related story so be warned that there are some really unpleasant skin conditions below the cut)

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FF #23

Nov. 1st, 2012 07:51 am
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The FF as we have come to know them have come and gone, as this wraps up the last issue of the group and of the team as we know them, with a special emphasis on Franklin Richards, arguably the most powerful mortal in the 616. Older Franklin is teaching current Franklin the ins and outs of godhood, and making "one last tour of the field", as Future Franklin must leave.

The issue has a lot of stand out moments with Marvel-ous moments of mirth and wonder, but the true core of the Fantastic Four is, and always has been, why Reed Richards, Susan Richards, Johnny Storm and Benjamin Grimm and the people they love are the First Family of the Marvel Universe.

This DOOR... is more than it appears to be. )
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Three-pags from the collection of the Pokemon newpaper, where Ash and his pokemon go trick-or-treating back when most of us WERE 10 years old....

Basically, these three pages speaks for themselves.
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Someone called me out for thinking Mysterio was a B lister villain. It reminded me of his introduction in Ultimate Spider-Man #2 (post ultimatum) which I thought was pretty epic.

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Issue 3 of Edison Rex, the series about a Lex Luthor analogue's life after his heroic nemesis' death, introduces that universe's analogue to the Justice League.

Hee. Spot the in-joke in their names?

Anyhoo, two pages from Edison Rex #3 and four from #4 )


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