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In light of some of the recent Joker posts and discussions on his sanity and morality (or lack thereof) and the ethics of Batman keeping him alive I decided to revisit what I consider to be one of the definitive Joker stories.

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*DC's Rebirth JLA/Watchmen event, #6 of 7, last pages:

Doctor Manhattan disintegrates a downed Superman...but nothing happens. When the blue light clears, someone stands between them, chowing a carrot.

And then Batman's secret-weapon, final-plan savior turns out to be Bugs Bunny. Cliffhanger.

Also, in another separate idea that also reads like fever dream babbling, this fun little mini. Check it!

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The end of BATMAN: ZERO YEAR had Batman comparing himself to a lightning rod for Gotham City. I had read that before, in PENGUIN TRIUMPHANT. It was a 1992 graphic novel about the Penguin out the same time BATMAN RETURNS was released.

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Hi folks!

Back in 1988, DC Comics ran a crossover event titled "Millenium." The last remaining Guardian of the Universe and his Zamaron opposite number came to Earth to jumpstart the next step in human evolution through a group called "the Chosen." The Chosen, after some losses, became a group known as the New Guardians, who got their own comic book.

The New Guardians were a valiant attempt to increase diversity in DC's superhero population, including their first heavily implied to be gay superhero, Extrano. Unfortunately, the execution was heavy-handed. and Joe Staton's art was not at its best, so it's mostly remembered today for the gloriously over the top villain Snowflame in the second issue.

Today, we'll look at issue #4, eight pages of twenty-four.

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In other news, my diploma from Rasmussen finally arrived.

Your thoughts and comments?

Going Sane

Jul. 23rd, 2014 02:02 pm
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I first posted this here three years ago but with I figured with Batman's anniversary it's worth another look. On a related note, Comixology is having a huge Batman sale right now (750 issues for 99 cents a piece) and this story is one of them.

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Hi folks, let's go back to 1974 and the country of Vietnam. A country that had seen far too much war, and was about to see more.

"Wait," you say, "The Slasher? Who he?" He's also known as Buzzsaw and Razorblade, and this is his debut appearance. Six pages of eighteen in Avengers #130.

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Interesting trivia: Bill Mantlo did the colors for this issue.

Your thoughts and comments?
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In a post about AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #20, , Wonder Man and the Wasp argued about disabling the ships Thanos' forces were using. The question was would "disabling" the ship kill the aliens inside.
This reminded me of something I heard about happening in GREEN LANTERN during CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

The morality of war when all of reality is at stake )
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A few folks have taken issue with my last Penguin post, finding it difficult to believe that the Penguin would ever lower himself to pure fisticuffs. But then again, that story was published in 1989, DC was still reeling from the double-whammy of Miller and Moore, and it's something of a given that they would trip and stumble with darkening up their villain origins.

So let's move on to the far more progressive future: the wondrous, enlightened year of 1992. With Batman Returns on the horizon, DC naturally wanted to give ol' Oswald Cobblepot a bigger share of the limelight. Said limelight was offered through a prestige-format graphic novel known as Penguin Triumphant, written by the great John "Suicide Squad" Ostrander and penciled by Joe Staton.

It's not one of my personal favorites, but several of my pals have toted it as the end-all be-all of Penguin stories. In my opinion, the plot was built on territory that had literally been tread dozens of times before - the Penguin declares that he's going straight; Batman is a suspicious ass, and is ultimately proven right in the end.

Still, it had a few moments going for it. Like this one, the only part in this particular comic to discuss Penguin's childhood bullying problems.

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So y'all remember how Paul Levitz originally fridged Selina Wayne to give her daughter Helena a reason to become the Huntress in 1977?

If not, no worries, I can quickly remind you. )

But now the question is, how did he update her origin for the year 2012?

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Trigger Warning for Gore
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It's that time of year again folks. That time of year where yours truly is yet another year older but still perpetually young as always. Aside from the fact that I have the best birthday ever (off on Labour Day, got paid this past Friday, new Doctor Who this past Saturday, new Worlds' Finest later this week with BatCat goodness, what more could I ask for?), to celebrate I'll share with you one of my *very* favourite pre-Crisis stories featuring another fellow Virgo and one that's very dear to me of course.

I give you pre-Crisis Huntress and Power Girl in all their femslashy glory on their native world of Earth-2, kicking ass and taking names. ^_^

Reload Image

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It's pretty common knowledge amongst DC fans that it really doesn't take much to hit Helena Bertinelli's berserk button. Just threaten the safety of innocents or anyone she cares about and she'll have you dangling over the edge of a building after a good beating.

But what about Helena Wayne? As professional and as level-headed as she tends to be, she herself isn't without a berserk button of her own. Like Bertinelli, Wayne also values the people he does have in her life, and probably even moreso since she hates losing the people she loves to senseless criminal activity. But it's one thing for criminals to come after her already capable parents, and another to deliberately kill the people in her life just to get back at her for beating your arse. Herein lies her berserk button, where even she'll consider "breaking her one rule" to get her point across. Observe!

WARNING: The first few pages contain some mildly sadistic themes and sexual undertones. Potentially NSFW!

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Three pages from Secret Origins #50, in which they finally got around to Black Canary...

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title: secret origins, creator: alan brennert, creator: joe staton, publisher: dc comics
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From Adventure Comics 462 in 1979.

This is the death of Bruce Wayne. Bruce looks like he is in his 60s here. Dick is still Robin but is all grown up now, and his biological daughter Helena is the Huntress.

Bruce comes out of a year long retirement one year after Selina his wife was shot and killed.

If this issue isn't deserving of the title "Manly Tears", I don't know what is...

The comic is 68 pages, but the Batman part is just the beginning.

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These stories were about Helena "going home" and revolved around her attempt at taking up the Batman mantle.


Char:Robin/dick Grayson,Char:Helena Wayne/Hunress,Location: Earth2,Creator:Joe Stanton,Publisher:DC comics, In joke: Bat-incest.
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Helena Wayne is the one and only Huntress.

This can't end well...

tags- Helena Wayne/Huntress,Cyrus Gold/Solomon Grundy,Ceator:Joe Stanton,Publisher:DC comics

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Little late here due to an unexpected nap, but holiday times keep marching on with these two shorts featuring Alfred and the Joker!

Stories from DCU Holiday Bash #'s 1 and 3, plus some bonus material from #2! )

Tomorrow (well, later tonight): We've seen how Apokolips reacts to holiday times, next we take a look at New Genesis!


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