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According to stuff, the Dominators are the villains for this CW season's Arrow/Flash/Legends/Supergirl crossover. I haven't read any mainstream stories with them, but here's one about them from the DCAU.

Featuring: democracy in the face of intergalactic racists, Green Lantern incapable of number comparison, and Phonetically Adorbs Missile Firing Noises! Not featured: the absence of a "Mr. Lau from The Dark Knight" reference.

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The end of BATMAN: ZERO YEAR had Batman comparing himself to a lightning rod for Gotham City. I had read that before, in PENGUIN TRIUMPHANT. It was a 1992 graphic novel about the Penguin out the same time BATMAN RETURNS was released.

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A few folks have taken issue with my last Penguin post, finding it difficult to believe that the Penguin would ever lower himself to pure fisticuffs. But then again, that story was published in 1989, DC was still reeling from the double-whammy of Miller and Moore, and it's something of a given that they would trip and stumble with darkening up their villain origins.

So let's move on to the far more progressive future: the wondrous, enlightened year of 1992. With Batman Returns on the horizon, DC naturally wanted to give ol' Oswald Cobblepot a bigger share of the limelight. Said limelight was offered through a prestige-format graphic novel known as Penguin Triumphant, written by the great John "Suicide Squad" Ostrander and penciled by Joe Staton.

It's not one of my personal favorites, but several of my pals have toted it as the end-all be-all of Penguin stories. In my opinion, the plot was built on territory that had literally been tread dozens of times before - the Penguin declares that he's going straight; Batman is a suspicious ass, and is ultimately proven right in the end.

Still, it had a few moments going for it. Like this one, the only part in this particular comic to discuss Penguin's childhood bullying problems.

The wrath of Oswald Cobblepot, behind the cut! )
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From a time in the mid-90s when the only way someone in DC could make a Western was to tie it in to a superhero franchise, there comes... the Kents!
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John Ostrander's Firestorm is one of the best superhero sagas of the '80s. Ostrander made it more political and brought lots of Cold War intrigue to story, and in the process ripped Alan Moore off a bit, but who hasn't? It was great fun, smart, emotional, thrilling. The series starts with Dr. Martin Stein dying from cancer caused by his exposure to radioactivity:

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One of the suprisingly underrated series' to come out of the 1990s was, to me, John Ostrander's 'the Kents'. Not heard of it? Not really suprising, I think that it's been out of print until very recently, but think that they might have republished it recently in two 100 page issues, which you should kind of pick up if you're able to, it's excellent.

Warning for racism.
Minireview, two pages of comic )
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I don't know if this was ever posted at the old Scans Daily, but it hasn't been posted here! Parts of six pages from five issues.

Back in 1989, a mysterious new character started communicating with the Suicide Squad via computer. The Squad's computer technician (and you may all marvel at the super-modern computers) was Flo Crawley, an idealistic young woman given a job by Amanda Waller, who is apparently a friend of her mother Edna Mae.

First contact!

A computer voice says HELLO I AM ORACLE IS ANYONE PRESENT? to a surprised-looking Flo

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The final issue of the Earthplague portion of the Bloodlines annuals introduced the odd super being  known as Mongrel.

To say he has anger issues would be an understatement. This issue has a few things that bug me and would throw many off so I'll try to make it as clear as I can. Their are a few times jumps around in the story and perhaps most annoyingly is the effort to try explaining Hawkman's apparent status quo at the time, which well, I have no idea about and am ignoring it as best as I can.

19 pages from a 57 page story.

This Half Cambodian DC character makes the other one look like a ray of sunshine )

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A couple months back, I got into yet another debate with someone about why I hated Batman using a gun in Final Crisis. I meant to post this at the time as a canonical response, but got distracted with IRL stuff and general geekery at my Two-Face fanblog. Besides, I figured this might be controversial, since it's a controversial real-life topic combined with a controversial comic topic, taken from a comic that was deeply controversial at the time it was released: Batman: Seduction of the Gun.

B:SotG was an anti-gun one-shot published as a benefit issue for the John Reisenbach Foundation for gun-control education activities, a fact which wasn't revealed to readers until the end. DC was flooded with angry letters from gun owners and Second Amendment advocates, many of which were published in the early Knightfall issues. Many letters were along the lines of "My heart goes out to the Reisenbach family, what a tragedy, BUT STILL GUN CONTROL IS BAD I FEEL BETRAYED FOR ACCIDENTALLY DONATING MONEY TO THIS CAUSE." I could do a whole post about that comic and the response it got.

So it might be a bit unfair to use these pages as my reasoning why Batman would never use a gun, and would always find another way to save the day because he's frickin' Batman. It's a very biased perspective. But in this case, I believe it also entirely fits with Batman as a character, and how he's always reacted to guns and gun violence.

WARNING: this is the single most graphic description of exactly how the Waynes died.

Why Batman will never use a gun... in graphic detail )
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Barry Allen, the Flash, is widely held to have had the best ever death for a comic character. He died saving the universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths and afterward became a legendary figure in the DC Universe. His death was revisited a number of times by DC writers over the years before he was finally brought back to life.

I'd like to share a couple of these stories, showing Barry's last moments from his point of view.
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In the 853rd century, humanity has colonized every planet in the solar system. Life exists on Mars once more.

So what happened to the last survivor of the planet's previous residents? A time-traveling Kyle Rayner learns the fate of a certain green Alien Ace.

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An important aspect of the Martian Manhunter's history is that as a shapeshifter, he has used many alter egos over the years. This is explored in Martian Manhunter #17. J'onn may seem like one of Earth's lesser-known heroes, but he's is a lot more famous in the DCU than people think if you factor in his other identities

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When it comes to the JLA's 'Big 7'(Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter), being the heavy hitters of the DCU most readers will at least have have a general idea of their origins. All except J'onn. It doesn't help that he has no iconic origin tale like Batman's Year One, Superman's Man of Steel, Flash's Born to Run , Green Lantern's Emerald Dawn and so on.

So I go to Martian Manhunter v2 #0, which recaps his old Silver Age origin with a few modifications. We start with a typical day at the JLA Watchtower )
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My last couple of posts have dealt with moral issues regarding the world of superheroes, so on a lighter vein, I return to the Martian Manhunter series for a couple of (unintentionally) humorous moments.

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