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'I just want to show people that you don't have to change what it is about these characters that made them appealing back then. You can jump right in and show them as they were, and people will accept it. I always learn this lesson watching my kids read old comics. They're never thrown because they're reading a reprint of something made 50 years ago. That never messes with them. They just accept it. They don't care that the characters don't have cell phones. People have really weird ideas when they say, "This book is so dated because they're riding skateboards" or whatever. That stuff never matters. What you do is strip down to the classic things we all relate to. All the basic humanity in the world doesn't change, and everything else is just some weird dressing.' - Jeff Parker

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The final issue of the Earthplague portion of the Bloodlines annuals introduced the odd super being  known as Mongrel.

To say he has anger issues would be an understatement. This issue has a few things that bug me and would throw many off so I'll try to make it as clear as I can. Their are a few times jumps around in the story and perhaps most annoyingly is the effort to try explaining Hawkman's apparent status quo at the time, which well, I have no idea about and am ignoring it as best as I can.

19 pages from a 57 page story.

This Half Cambodian DC character makes the other one look like a ray of sunshine )


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