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The BATMAN #38 post got me thinking about the "idiot billionaire" facade Bruce Wayne puts on and if it is that effective. So here are some pages from BATMAN FAMILY #1 that explores the idea a bit.

Tim in chains.jpg

And a scene of Tim Drake in bondage. Because why not? Art by Rick Hoberg and Stefano Gaudiano

Billionaire wastrel )
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A post from the inestimable [personal profile] bluefall on this thread here reminded me of an old post from sd 1.0, which a bit of digging around showed I first posted for Valentimes Day 2009, which was shortly before... the Great Catastrophe. Such a coincidence is not to be overlooked, so here it is again... new and improved for the new decade.

And since this is a calendar-event based crime in Gotham City, who else could the villain be but... Calendar Man! :)

He may be kind of a dork, but but he's never less than creative! )

Cards, crafts and a Robin you can stick your finger up... )


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