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This one's not a particularly famous story but it's still an interesting look at Two-Face. It first appeared in Secret Origins Special #1.

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Some other heroes are not so lucky!

Warning for both ableist and racist language and some perhaps not terribly sensitive handling of Native American culture. (I say this as the whitest of white folks, so do not feel qualified to properly judge such things, I may be judging too harshly)

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Following on from [personal profile] starwolf_oakley discussion about the infamous bat and the window scene, it reminded me of this (which a quick google located for me)... from the pages of Batman 256 and the creative team of Marty Pasko and Pat Broderick.

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A post from the inestimable [personal profile] bluefall on this thread here reminded me of an old post from sd 1.0, which a bit of digging around showed I first posted for Valentimes Day 2009, which was shortly before... the Great Catastrophe. Such a coincidence is not to be overlooked, so here it is again... new and improved for the new decade.

And since this is a calendar-event based crime in Gotham City, who else could the villain be but... Calendar Man! :)

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What do you get when you cross a werewolf with giggling, babbling insanity? Why it's next up on Firestorm's Black Lantern list: The Hyena! (dial-up beware)
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Or: Gerry Conway and his Gender War issues!

The early Gerry Conway had some pretty good stuff. Since she's coming back as a Black Lantern, here's a look at the original Killer Frost. (Roughly 16 pages, poor dial-upper..)
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In the Computo post down the page, [ profile] crinosg requested a look at pre-Crisis Duo Damsel's more seriously handled reaction to the death of her third body.

That's in Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1, in which Brainiac 5 uses the Computo technology in an attempt to help a comatose little girl, Danielle Foccart. Results: Predictable - Computo gets loose and takes control of LOSH's all-automated headquarters, whose systems begin attacking the Legionnaires - and locking out any potential help. One page, not my scan.
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One more Doom 2099 post to go after this. Then no more WEEK OF DOOM. But I'm ending it on a high note. The lead-up story to Doom 2099 #25. Doom is looking for clues to his missing time and finds a big piece. However, he runs into an old foe, Tiger Wylde.

From Doom 2099 #22-24. 16 Scans total. Dial-Uppers BEWARE!

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Continuing the WEEK OF DOOM, a look into Doom 2099 special meeting with... Well click to find out. From Doom 2099 #5-6.

Brought to you by the 90s.

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Continuing from my Doom 2099, I decided to post scans from #2-4 from the series. That said there be a lot of scans in here (even under the guidelines). So Dial Uppers beware! For those who dig Henry V there will be much quoting from it. Plus some great Doom moments as he leads a revolt to topple Tiger Wylde.

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