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"There were several problems at DC at the time. Sales were bad (they're bad now but the entire industry sales are bad) and Marvel readers wouldn't be caught dead reading DC comics. I felt, as did many, that although DC fans understood the multiple Earths perfectly and without trouble, it was a problem to attract new readers and possibly a sign of a DC problem for the Marvel zombies. By simplifying the DC universe I believed we could attract new readers, which we did. Crisis was one of the first DC Comics (Titans being the other) that Marvel readers would check out."

- Marv Wolfman

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In my never-ending quest to prove that 90s Batman comics weren't the mess of gloom, doom, and violence that everyone says they were, I present several instances from the Bat-comics of that period that genuinely made me laugh. These cover all three periods of the nineties - early, mid, and late.

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It's really not easy to pick out one for this day, considering the sheer number of choices. Therefore, I decided to choose one artist who might be overlooked among all the greats that come to mind.

Therefore, I present:

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Roughly a page's worth from World's Finest #297, August 1983, not my scans. For reasons not entirely clear to me, having to do with events in JLA and Batman and the Outsiders apparently, Batsy is in a temper. How dare Supes save his life! How dare he beat him to doing-good-deeds punch! And pretty soon, the boys are on the outs.

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Someone was asking for interaction between Jason and Alfred pre-death, so it reminded me that I was going to make a post on Jason in Batman #413.


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