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Forget Foggy's possible cancer for now. Let's wind the clock back a few years for a heartwarming scene from Ann Nocenti's run:

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Well, as my introductory post for DiD Week (Which I don't think we have room left for a tag for I'm afraid), I thought I'd NOT start with the obvious choice, but an example that highlights just about everything I'm looking for in such a scene.

So rather than Batman's chum, I'm opting for Superman's Pal, and from 1995 we find Superman investigating....

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Well with my previous post (with Lionheart and the JLI) the portion known as the Outbreak has ended we now begin the Earthplague portion of Bloodlines.

Admittedly this story seems a bit  dated given the technology focus of the story but it's still one of my favorites. Now watch in awe (or is it despair) as Robin meets the Psyba-Rats.

18 pages from a 56 page story.

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Greetings True Believers!

Here are some scans from Captain America #367. It's set during the Acts of Vengeance cross-over.

A cabal of super-villains have been working together but did Skull really think that Magneto had forgotten the past?

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It's possibly too long to be a "One Perfect Moment", but this aside from Avengers Forever, this is easily my favorite Kang the Conqueror bit ever. In issue 54 of Busiek's run on the Avengers, the Dynasty War is ended and Kang is finally beaten. And we get his perspective for the first of two codas for that arc, to see how he takes his defeat. Four pages.

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