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Following on from [personal profile] starwolf_oakley discussion about the infamous bat and the window scene, it reminded me of this (which a quick google located for me)... from the pages of Batman 256 and the creative team of Marty Pasko and Pat Broderick.

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I'm starting college again Monday, so will likely have less time to spend on Scans Daily. Therefore, now is the time to make an extra-large post.Given my own proclivities, I'm sure you're not surprised it's a Superman comic. To be precise, Action Comics #500.

We'll have a glorious 21 pages of a 64 page story, a time capsule of what Superman was like in 1979.

The Life Story of Superman )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Given the success of my post a couple of days ago about Aquaman exploring an alternative side to his dress sense, here, from 30 years ago (Dear Lord it IS 30 years ago... wow I feel old), is Superman 349. (A 17 page story, which I think I've posted a little under six pages worth of story for).

As Superman finds himself the victim of...

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Alan Moore is quite a popular writer these days with major motion pictures and all, so it's feasible fans of his graphic novels might want to check out Swamp Thing. Herein lies the problem: unlike something like V for Vendetta or Watchmen, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run is not self contained. In fact the title of the first issue of Swamp Thing, "Loose Ends", reflects this. Earlier editions of the first TPB resolved this problem by simply not including issue, however this isn't a very good solution because some of these "loose ends" return latter in the run. Seeing as the issues leading up to Moore's run were never collected, I think it's fair to post them here.
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Some people read the last page of a book to see if they're going to like it. I'm the sort of person who reads introductions first. (Not because it makes sense, mind you, but because sometimes I'm a bit OCD.)

I've heard of a few lists lately of recommendations for new comic book readers. Most of them seem to insist on stories that begin and end in the same book. The first graphic novel I read was Swamp Thing, and Alan Moore, well aware of the need to prepare a new reader, used his introduction to try and explain the whys of comic book horror (which I've skipped), the strange framework in which comic book horror resides, and the Story Thus Far.

It is my considered opinion that the Swamp Thing graphic novel of Alan Moore's stories should be required reading. Part of Moore's introduction, and two pages from Swamp Thing issue one, volume two, by Marty Pasko and Tom Yeates, are included for contrast and legality.

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