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I'm starting college again Monday, so will likely have less time to spend on Scans Daily. Therefore, now is the time to make an extra-large post.Given my own proclivities, I'm sure you're not surprised it's a Superman comic. To be precise, Action Comics #500.

We'll have a glorious 21 pages of a 64 page story, a time capsule of what Superman was like in 1979.

The Life Story of Superman )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Comic Book Resources has the preview images of a certain Aussie bearing the mantle of a great House.

And of course, there comes the potential of The Speech.

It's not the suit that makes the Man. )
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This story is the one I liked best of all of Superman's numerous origins. It perfectly balanced both modern and Silver Age elements, and gave me the most moving depiction of Krypton's destruction I've read yet, along with the best-written past for Lex Luthor. I consider the first dozen pages as classic and sincerely hope the Snyder/Goyer reboot uses them.

Some scans below the cut,
Read more... )
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How many people remember the late, great Starman series by James Robinson? Regarded as one of the greatest comics of the 90s, but relatively obscure these days, the series tells the story of Jack Knight, the son of Ted Knight, the Golden Age Starman. Robinson turned what was one of DC's dime-a-dozen C-list legacy characters into a believable, three-dimensional character that I could identify with and enjoyed reading for much more than his superheroics.

Halfway through the series, there was an arc where Jack went adventuring in space looking for Will Payton, his girlfriend's brother. Problems regarding boom tubes and wormholes caused the trio to become lost in space and time, and among the places where they landed was Krypton, decades before its destruction. Ever wondered why Jor-El sent his son to Earth of all places? )
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You know we need to get more stuff from the old lj mentioned here.

This is from Superman/Batman 50 where we discover that improbably Jor-El and Thomas Wayne met.

It's a 38 page book I've got twelve and 2/3's below the cut. Basically Thomas's entire Kryptonian adventure.


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