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Been getting back into Starman, and since we're wombling towards the Holiday season, I thought I'd post a bit from the series' Holiday special...

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Back in the day DC decided to have a series of one-shots based around various female characters in their universe, and the one we're focusing on today is based around the second Mist, one of the main antagonists in James Robinson's Starman series. In the story, Mist ends up up in a team-up of sorts with pretty much her polar opposite, one Mary Marvel...

How do they end up working together? Well it's complicated...

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Back in the late 1980's it was a dark-ish time for the old school superhero fan (well, this one at least), a significant number of characters I liked had either been reimagined to unrecognisability, shot dead and the "dark antihero" was on the rise, a school of character I rarely like.

But every now and again, there were glimmers of hope (again, for me at least), a couple of everyman heroes (for a fairly white, straight, male value of "every" I grant you)

Marvel gave me Quasar, which I've posted in the past, and in 1988 DC gave me a new use of an old name, with Roger Stern and Tom Lyle creating a new spin on....


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Hullo! Longtime reader and fan, bringing for your holiday enjoyment, a nice tale of "Times Past". As context, please refer to the "Grand Guignol" arc of James Robinson's Starman. First to share are two panels from the original story, and the re-telling. Please enjoy this as much as I have through the years. If the HTML gets borked, please change up as necessary or notify me.

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Hoping I get all the right tags here. If not, please adjust as needed.
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The Golden age Starman and Black Canary enjoyed many team ups but it wasn't until Starman Annual #2 that they enjoyed a "Team Up".

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How many people remember the late, great Starman series by James Robinson? Regarded as one of the greatest comics of the 90s, but relatively obscure these days, the series tells the story of Jack Knight, the son of Ted Knight, the Golden Age Starman. Robinson turned what was one of DC's dime-a-dozen C-list legacy characters into a believable, three-dimensional character that I could identify with and enjoyed reading for much more than his superheroics.

Halfway through the series, there was an arc where Jack went adventuring in space looking for Will Payton, his girlfriend's brother. Problems regarding boom tubes and wormholes caused the trio to become lost in space and time, and among the places where they landed was Krypton, decades before its destruction. Ever wondered why Jor-El sent his son to Earth of all places? )
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When will I be able to post the Shade vs. Prometheus scene from the last issue? Or has the page limit been reached already?
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char: the shade/richard swift
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In the post below by [ profile] zechs27, someone asked for the Shade and Charles Dickens. And I thought Cry For Justice is also a good opportunity to post scans of another friendly meeting of Jay Garrick and the Shade.

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or: Ted Knight gets taken out rather anticlimactically.

context is simple: every golden age hero ever is fighting an atomic ubermensch with the brain of the world's greatest villain, under James Robinson's pen.. or keyboard, whatever he assembles symbols into sentences with.

said ubermensch, known as Dynaman before the revelation of who he really was (for which he has a certain ex-Delores Winters to thank) has been pretty much cleaning house; guys like the Red Bee and Black Condor prove no challenge to him, while somewhat more powerful heroes such as Green Lantern and Hawkman have proven two-page fight scenes to him at best.

speedster Johnny Quick, realizing that things are going to hell in a handbasket very quickly after the former Dynaman fells Green Lantern in the span of one of those two-three page slugfest, calls upon the last hero who might actually have a chance of stopping this madman.

That hero? Ted Knight, Starman...  )


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