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Hi folks!

One of the traditions of Marvel annuals (and DC annuals, but that's for another day) is introducing new characters who then fall down the memory hole. If they're lucky, perhaps they might show up in a crowd scene, and if unlucky, as a kill for some new villain the creators are trying to give a "push."

Please pardon the image, the cover of my copy is in terrible shape. Eight pages of twenty-five from the first story in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27.

Prepare Yourself for...Annex )

The issue is filled out with a Black Cat/Solo team-up, the trial of the Lizard, and a John Jameson adventure, finishing off with a Maximum Carnage cover gallery. Let me know if you want to see any of those.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Over in my neck of the woods, there's still a few hours of Father's Day left, so let's celebrate it with one of my favorite Bat-writers of all time: Chuck Dixon! And this obscure little character he created named... uh, what was it again? Oh yeah - Stephanie Brown.

Jokes aside, I'm one of *those* Steph fans. The kind that basically lost track of her as soon as Dixon left DC, I mean. To this day, I'm still not sure whether I like the character in and of herself, or whether I just really liked the way that Dixon could spin an engaging, at least half-decent story out of literally any concept (the guy once wrote a Robin comic that was 22 pages of not-Barney vs. not-Mr. Rogers, for crying out loud). I hope to get to the bottom of that mystery soon, by finally diving into Steph's Batgirl series, but for now, let's take a gander at Steph's debut arc.

A girl and her scumbag father, behind the cut! )

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When we last left the story, our fearless hero was facing impossible odds: a city in turmoil, an apparently unstoppable supervillain behind it all, and his trusted mentor nowhere to be found. He's got one shot: a counter-stratagem that might turn everything around...

... or it just might crash and burn, leaving Tim to join his predecessor in the line of Good Soldiers behind glass in the Batcave.

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In our last installment, Tim failed to stop the Joker for a second time, allowing the Joker to complete the next step of his plan. Now the Joker's put a serious cyber-bug into Gotham's mainframes, making the oncoming holiday season look more nightmarish than ever.

How bad can it be, you ask? Well...
See for yourself, behind the cut! )
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Ah, the New Year! New beginnings, new opportunities... and for me, a chance to (finally) kick off a series of reviews centering around my favorite comics character and my favorite comics creator!

The story we'll be looking at today is one that pits Tim Drake, AKA Robin III, against a certain green-haired Clown Prince of Crime. Said story also happens to take place around the holiday season - complete with oodles of that good old Gotham snowfall - and has Batman be mysteriously absent so that Tim can face down the big bad Joker all by himself. I think you all know where this is going...

Yes, folks... it's time to dig into 1991's Robin II: The Joker's Wild!

Tim and the Joker.
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Back in the late 1980's it was a dark-ish time for the old school superhero fan (well, this one at least), a significant number of characters I liked had either been reimagined to unrecognisability, shot dead and the "dark antihero" was on the rise, a school of character I rarely like.

But every now and again, there were glimmers of hope (again, for me at least), a couple of everyman heroes (for a fairly white, straight, male value of "every" I grant you)

Marvel gave me Quasar, which I've posted in the past, and in 1988 DC gave me a new use of an old name, with Roger Stern and Tom Lyle creating a new spin on....


Featuring a rather colourful costume... )

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Going against the tendency of superhero assholes who wallow in macho posturing and behave like abrasive, shallow pricks, I'm posting a scene from gentler times, when superheroes were cordial, easy-going and seemed like cool people to hang around with:

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All right, let's get straight to it! Vampire!Talia and aliens seemed to be the most popular, and I'm also including Zombie Nazis, because well, they're Zombie Nazis. Can't go too wrong with that.

Intro can be found here or four posts down.

There used to be a grey tower alone on the sea...  )

The Martians are coming! )

They're not just Zombie Nazis, they're Zombie *voodoo* Nazis! )

Epilogue )

And that's that for "DUEL". Thoughts? Comments?
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In part 1 Tim travelled to Paris to study with the Rahul Lama, met a girl called Ling, and ended up rescuing Clyde Rawlins from Ling's gang, the Ghost Dragons.

four pages from #2, six from #3 )
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Since Tim will be travelling to Hong Kong again in the next issue of Red Robin, I thought it might be nice to post an old story that also took place there. This is from one of Tim's early Robin miniseries, before the title became an ongoing. Although the story ends with Tim preventing an outbreak of bubonic plague in Hong Kong, the first issue is set in France.

five pages from #1, one from #2 )
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Someone said they had a hard time reading the Super Steph scans, so here's the bigger scans my french contributer Levrai posted on the wiki- containing Steph and her epic brick hitting origin. They're super big, and this is not to be snarky- that's just how they are.

Steph never let anyone push her around, especially batdudes. )

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Last week on his blog, Marv Wolfman wrote, "I wanted to remind everyone that Vigilante #6 is on sale next Wednesday. Vig 6 is the final part of the Deathtrap crossover with the Titans, and I can promise you it will have a very controversial ending. When the guys at DC told me what they had planned, even my gasted was flabbered. The ending is shocking, yes, but it's also a logical one and will be built on in the future."

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Hey al! It's the return of the Super Steph Upload Series. When I first joined s_d, after inundating with (very poor) TTG scans, I inundated it with Steph scans. Those were good times, there was lots of Steph discussion, and I even got a few people to check out stuff with her in it and like her! (Or so I was told!)

Anyway, a total of two people responded yes to my question of if I should repost it, but I'll give it a shot anyway. This time, it will all be in chronilogical order, and I'll include some scans from other stuff besides Robin, to get the site's archive goin' good.

We start with Steph's first appearance


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