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With the PS4 game coming out, I thought it would be nice to revisit the first real Spider-Man comic I ever read, which not only made me a lifetime fan of the ol' Webhead but of comics in general.
So here are some pages from Spider-Man #70, written by Howard Mackie with some amazing art by John Romita Jr.!
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This was a two-part story that ran across Amazing and Peter Parker. Both issues were double-sized. Howard Mackie wrote the first part with Paul Jenkins writing the conclusion. I've heard that Jenkins was primarily responsible for both at least in terms of outlining but haven't been able to confirm it.

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I don't know if people here loved the '90s Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch. I loved the first years of the series and then it turned into a mess with bad writing and incomprehensible art. For me the best story of the series was the ongoing feud between Ghost Rider and the vampire Blackout.

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Not in a gratuitous killing; not in a slobbering grin; not even in a moment of greedy cannibalism is the wonder of Eddie Brock, symbiote-enabled serial murderer, properly embodied. Rather, his true spirit is found in a minute of quiet, calm contemplation after being reunited with his alien other once more...

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Note: This issue is now a month old, so I am posting seven images from it.

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char: mary jane watson,char: scarlet spider/ben reilly,char: spider-man/peter parker,creator: howard mackie,creator: todd nauck,creator: tom defalco,event: clone saga,publisher: marvel comics
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Tonight, on Amalgam Comics...*

The convoluted history of DC's scarlet speedster the Flash mixes with the convoluted origin of Marvel's spirit of vengeance Ghost Rider to give us:

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*(I've been watching Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel too much... or not enough)
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Here we are with the penultimate issue of "The Clone Saga" miniseries. Once again, for those who are knew/have forgotten, this is a non-canon retelling of the infamous Spider-Man storyarc as it "should" have been. It follows the storyline of the original saga but makes some pretty big deviations as well. The fifth issue is no different in that regard.

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char: kaine, char: scarlet spider/ben reilly, creator: howard mackie, creator: todd nauck, creator: tom defalco, event: clone saga, publisher: marvel comics, char: mary jane watson, char: spider-man/peter parker,
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Title: X-Factor #116: Homecomings (Marvel Comics, 1995, 23 pages)
Creators: Howard Mackie (writer), Steve Epting (pencils)
Availability: Out of print.

A couple of months back, timemonkey requested scans of non-Austen Northstar and Polaris meeting. So, in keeping with my "I only bought this because it had Northstar in it" posting tendencies, here's a run-in between Alpha Flight and X-Factor. That's right, you lucky people! You're getting some 90's-era Howard Mackie goodness!

For all that I've complained -- and will continue to complain -- that damn near every writer to come along has an exasperating tendency to confuse reminding us that Northstar likes men with actual character development, Northstar is still way better off than Aurora in the characterization department. Whereas Northstar's been given some positive traits over the years, his sister's defining characteristics always reset to her being two flavors of crazy (boy and batshit) and, if someone was feeling really creative, occasionally bitchy or an abuse victim.

Howard Mackie did not buck the trend, but at least he didn't get overly creative.

Aurora and Wild Child show up in the Weapon X series a few years later. He's uglier than before, and she's a crazy bitch. Oh yeah, and in an abusive relationship with Weapon X's director. *sigh*
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To those wishing to see the Clone Saga's climax here's the story for you. It contains the "final" appearance of Ben Reilly and the return of Norman Osborn the original Green Goblin to the Spiderverse. Dail Uppers beware!

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