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I don't know if people here loved the '90s Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch. I loved the first years of the series and then it turned into a mess with bad writing and incomprehensible art. For me the best story of the series was the ongoing feud between Ghost Rider and the vampire Blackout.

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Greetings, True Believers! (© Proteus-Lives)

Yesterday I had the chance of reading the newest "first" issue of Ghost Rider and believe me when I tell you that, even though I enjoyed this new ride (pun intended, of course), I had some mixed feelings about this issue. Today I am going to talk about a interesting yet bizarre scene I saw on Ghost Rider (Vol. 7) # 1 as well as a brief nostalgic trip.

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I have no ideas how this mini-series and it's cracktastic goodness passed me by but this is freaking metal! You've got not one but TWO Ghost Riders, Gun Wielding Nuns!, The Sons of Satan!, Biker Zombies, and a whose-who of crazy villains. So for a sample of what Jason Aaaron has unleashed upon the Marvel Universe I present battles between the Ghost Riders verses the unlikely alliance of Big Wheel and Trull the Unhuman!

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The most recent Ghost Rider ongoing title got its start right before the "World War Hulk" crossover, and was written by Daniel Way. It was presumably meant to cash in on the Nicholas Cage movie from a while ago, but went largely ignored by a lot of the comics-reading audience.

Around issue #20, Jason Aaron took over the book, and it turned into this demented blend of 1970s biker flick and Hellblazer-style theological horror story. Around this point, the series also started slowly losing readers, until it was essentially canceled around issue #35. Aaron was able to wrap up his central storyline with the Heaven's On Fire miniseries, which ended early this year. I didn't even hear about it until somebody started talking about how awesome it was on SA's comics forum.

Aaron's plot for Ghost Rider involves two things. One is the archangel Zadkiel attempting to usurp control of heaven itself. The other is an exploration and reinterpretation of exactly what the Ghost Rider is.

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Madcap was a deeply religious fellow whose entire family was killed in a grotesque accident that made him incapable of feeling pain, with a healing factor Deadpool would envy. He also gained the power to make people lose their inhibitions. After losing his mind due to his trauma and deciding all life was a nihistic joke, he started wearing the clown outfit and run around getting himself horribly mutilated while laughing or shooting people with a bubble gun and making them as crazy bold as himself.

I am not sure I understand the thinking that made him hire himself out as a merc for the forces of evil in Ghost Rider: Heaven's On Fire. 2 pages from issue 4.The Son of Satan doesn't care spit about that healing factor )


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