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DAREDEVIL: GUARDIAN DEVIL is a popular Daredevil story that started the "Marvel Knights" line. Here's something about the Kevin Smith/Joe Quesada story: It's the first time that Matt Murdock got angry over the events in BORN AGAIN, another popular Daredevil story.

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Yay, 607 is out, so I can post another couple of pages from #606, since it features one of my favourites, so thank you bi-monthly publication schedule!

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"My goal with 'Land of the Blind' is to really look at the cost of being a superhero - especially for someone like Blindspot." - Charles Soule

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DAREDEVIL #326-332 was a 1994 story called "Tree of Knowledge," where Matt Murdock has faked his death and using the name "Jack Batlin." (Yeah.) But mostly it is about various characters talking about that new Internet thing and what it means for society. That includes Captain America and Daredevil at a tech-rave.

Story by D.G. Chichester and art by Scott McDaniel.

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