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Four pages from Legion of Super-Heroes #11. The basic situation, you'll recall: the Dominators have kidnapped Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl, and the politicos have forbidden the Legion from taking any action.

I'll let Cosmic Boy and Mon-El fill you in on the specifics, here.

We need LEADERSHIP here. )

But wait! Remember that prophecy Dream Girl laid on us last issue, that help was coming, but they would be betrayed?

Whyyyyyyyyyyy?? )

What's going on there? I've no clue, but I'm happy as long as it winds up eighty-sixing that particular character. Never, ever liked 'em.
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LOSH #10 is just out, and it's setting up for the next big story arc. I bring you 3 & 1/3 pages to give you the general idea.

Last issue: Some creepozoid monsternasties teleported into Brainiac 5's lab to kidnap him, despite Harmonia and Dream Girl's best defenses; Brainy got snatched, and Dreamy got taken along for the ride.

We've escaped from worse. )

Technically the kidnappers are unidentified, but the Legion has, let us say, a very strong suspicion. But despite a covert intel assault on the suspects' Earth embassy and current leader Mon-El's impassioned plea to the council, the United Planets and Earthgov have forbidden the Legion from making any move against their suspects.

So what's a team to do? Splinter over the issue, of course.

We're not leaving any Legionnaires behind. )
So help is on the way, and that's a good thing! Right?

Right? )
It's a little early to start placing bets, but it should be interesting to see how the odds on that prophecy of Dreamy's shape up as the arc progresses.

Incidentally, I think Star Boy is in that chair because of ongoing effects of the process of restoring his sanity after his return from the 21st century. (Unless he got whomped in the Saturn Queen's New Legion of Super-Villains arc and I've forgotten? Anyone?) Reference has been made to his having rehab sessions, but I believe the end of last ish was the first time we'd seen him use an assistive device to get around.


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