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A question regarding Daredevil's origin: Why did Stick trained Matt Murdock in the ways of the ninja?
(I'm also not sure if Stick is supposed to be Asian, but that's another question.) Stick was introduced to the Daredevil mythos relatively late in the game, in DAREDEVIL #176 during Frank Miller's run on the character.

DAREDEVIL #349 covers some of this. Also, Matt spends the whole issue in pajama bottoms. J.M. DeMatteis writes and Cary Nord does the art. After the cut, I also speculate about the Marvel Netflix Universe.

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"Changing [Ravager's mom] Lillian from Khmer to Hmong was my choice, a result of research into Vietnam-era history of US involvement with the various Asian cultures of the region. In keeping with Marv Wolfman’s original concept of Deathstroke’s rescue of Lillian Worth, I was looking to ground this story in as much reality as possible, which included properly motivating Deathstroke/Slade to rescue this woman. Many Hmong had assisted the US military during the war and needed to be evacuated from Southeast Asia. I felt having Lillian be one of those displaced Hmong, working as a US intelligence subcontractor in Cambodia rather than be a native Khmer, created more dramatic possibilities for the series. It never occurred to me, and it obviously should have, that Deathstroke would have Khmer fans or that anyone would be disappointed or offended." -- Christopher J. Priest

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"Y’know, I realized making Slade unlikeable also involved some risk that the readers might be turned off by that choice. My Past Slade is inconsistent with Marv [Wolfman]’s, who doted on his sons. As I see him, Slade is an emotional cripple and a megalomaniac; House M.D. with a machinegun. I talked myself hoarse at SDCC saying, to anyone who would listen, 'Deathstroke is a VILLAIN.' I’m not sure which part of 'villain' is unclear to folks." -- Christopher J. Priest

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DAREDEVIL #353 is not when Foggy Nelson learned Matt Murdock was Daredevil, but it was the first time they discussed it. This was also the start of Karl Kesel's run on the book, and one of the times Marvel tried a "Daredevil lightens up a bit" post-Miller storyline.

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For my final this installment, I'm coincidentally presenting the Amalgam one-shot I just recently purchased.

Mix the tragic background of Bruce Wayne with the experiences of Nick Fury and you get...



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