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In any incarnation of the Fantastic Four, under any writer, there will always be adventures. Always be exploring. Always some variant tale of Doom, the Negative Zone, Subterranea, Galactus, or the Skrulls.

And there will always be the underlying theme of family. After the great character cast expansions we've seen under Kirkman and Fraction, I was a little nervous about the latest reboot. What would happen to the Richards kids? To the rest of the Future Foundation? To Bentley, the Moloids, and Dragon Man?

Mister Robinson, to you I say... you had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.

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In the last issue of Fantastic Four, Reed and family seized the Wizard from A.I.M.'s new nation-state, and brought him into custody. Bentley 23, the clone of the Wizard, apparently wanted to see him. He approached him with a box containing his helmet, stating that the children of the Foundation thought it best for him to have a personal identifier. He's quite mad, you see.

The Wizard told Bentley to put it on himself.

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Continuing the important theme about family today (in my posts).

With the future Franklin (master of Galactus) and Valeria Richards in the present, Reed decides to do some "intimate examination" on his own.

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Outside of the drama and the high-handedness and bloodshed in the rest of the issue, two adorable genius children have lunch together. Enjoy.

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