Feb. 21st, 2017

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"'Plot' is overrated and generally accepted theories of story are outdated, having been made in a time of monarchy and aristocracy. There’s no place for it in our egalitarian global community." -- Tom Scioli

Last time, in SUPER POWERS...

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

A heterosexual couple has lot their latest appeal to be allowed to obtain a civil partnership in the UK. (Civil partnerships being a precursor to gay marriage, a secular, legal recognition of same sex couples commitment to each other and granting certain rights more associated with marriage). The judges agreed there might be a breach of human rights in not permitting it to those straight couples who don't want to be married but want a legal relationship, but that will require more legal work.

The is House of Lords debating the Brexit situation, with PM Theresa May doing a very good impersonation of a vulture, sitting in and trying to intimidate them like a stern headmistress.

Former 70's hearthrob David Cassidy has announced that he is suffering from dementia

The FBI are investigating a have of threats against Jewish sites in the US. Though in the sort of reminder that decent human beings exist (Which we all need right now), commuters got together on a subway to remove anti-Semitic Nazi graffitti

And UK MP's have been debating Trump's planned State Visit to the UK following a petition signed by 1.8 million Brits who objected (and another petition in favour of him coming, which managed 311,000 signatures) , and it's amazing how insulting you can get whilst being terribly polite.


As for Trump, well, where does one begin on that one.... though his bumwaffling about a terrorist attack in Sweden, carried out by the perpetrators of the Bowling Green Massacre one assumes, is a classic.

The LEGO Dimensions Batman Movie level is fun. It keeps freezing on me whenever I try to build the bloody batcomputer, but the animations are great (and Robin making his way through ductwork is hilarious)

NASA have a major announcement tomorrow about a "Discovery beyond our Solar System". Personally at the moment, I think I'd settle for Galactus or Brainiac.

The New York Toy Fair has been and gone, and Funko are releasing a Batman 66 3.75" action figure line (Here's hoping it does better than the gorgeous Mattel one from a couple of years ago)

Hulk #2

Feb. 21st, 2017 12:42 pm
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Entertainment Weekly: What made you decide to take her out of her Hulk form and show her human side?

Mariko Tamaki: When I was originally contacted by Marvel with this project, that was the way that they saw this starting. I really liked the idea of having somebody who has been comfortable in their skin, suddenly not [be]. Especially someone who’s been through a traumatic thing. All these things you take for granted about yourself mentally and physically that are no longer true. So I thought it was a really great starting point for a story about trauma, to put her in this position of literally holding this really big thing which is this thing that she is.

Editor Mark Paniccia: The other thing, too, is this is one of the results of Civil War II. These are all really heavy things that we wanted to explore in this character who’s been this fan-favorite superhero who’s going through this terrible trauma and tragedy. Part of Marvel’s stories are that world outside your window. There’s a lot of people that deal with this on a daily basis, and that’s all part of the human condition and in Marvel, the human condition is part of the superhuman condition.

- From an interview at Entertainment Weekly

Story By: Mariko Tamaki
Art By: Nico Lean

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