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They'd done it with Adam Osidis' help.

He went along with them as they took the King off to the end they had planned for him.

One night, playing cards, one of them avowed himself a killer of those who'd listened to the King.

That provoked Adam. )
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Adam Osidis, addressed by one of the Mosak who'd come for the Mud King, thought back.

He remembered his brother Peter's death, long ago.

He remembered his mother passing him a nail made from Pete's blood, giving him advice.

" A reed must grow straight while it's still green, Adam.

" And once it has it must choose how to weather the hard winds..

The present and the past contextualized each other. )
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He'd come in response to a summons.

He remembered when he'd first learned about the Mud King.

His father Zebadiah'd told him history, about Garlis Sulm and his power to " bond with other spirits. "

" But they had to choose to let him in.

" So he'd offer 'em their hearts' desire to ensure they did.

" But once they accepted- he'd be with 'em forever.

" Enablin' him to see what they saw. To hear what they heard. "

Garlis'd made an offer to him.

" Guess I was the only one to decline hearin' his bargain.

" Made him awful mad. "

Zebediah'd exhaled. )
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Seven to Eternity's first arc started in 2016.

In the Voltk Mountains, the family Osidis lived away from the rest of the world.

Storm clouds came to them one day.

Unnatural lightning came out of the sky, annihilating their barn and house.

The head of the family, Zebadiah, knew what was coming.

It was what they'd taken themselves away from. )
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Four pages from Avengers numbah 1, in which Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena take over as the creative team.

Read more... )
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The Dark Angel saga on X-Force was supposed to come out this week, but my local pusher, I mean CBS didn't get it. So I'm fuming, but I was able to get a little taste of the good stuff, and I wanted to share. has the preview. Two behind the cut.

Going straight through the eyeballs into the brain.

Angel's landing. )


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