Aug. 7th, 2018

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

Lombok in Indonesia is starting to assess the damage from a 6.9 Earthquake on Sunday, which left around 100 dead so far, and 20,000 homeless.

POTUS 45 is implementing his plan to reinforce trade sanctions against Iran (in the face of international opposition). and has further said that 'Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States'

He also started another of his somewhat disturbing tendencies to insult African Americans by indicating they have low IQ's, in this case LeBron James, an NBA legend who is using some of the wealth he has earned over his career to start a school in his home town,with free uniforms, free breakfasts and lunches, and guaranteeing to pay tuition for all graduates to the University of Akron. Gee, I wonder which person I'd hold up as a better example of the sort of people the world needs more of?

The Tangerine one is also losing his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Some wag has suggested that Alec Baldwin take his spot instead! :)

I won't go into detail on Brexit this week, on the principle that since no one else has a single fecking clue what's going on there, why i should I be any different? (I will not that Boris Johnson has started his vulture like circling of the PM slot, more or less on schedule)

The NRA is pleading that it cannot survive without more money. Whilst some are viewing this as a cycnical ploy (from the NRA? Heaven forfen) to drum up exctra money in the run up to the mid-term elections, others are suggesting that people should not send money, as "Thoughts and prayers" should suffice.

Today's Google Doodle (in Europe at least, never sure how international these things are) is celebrating the approximate 1038th birthday of Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna, one of the most brilliant minds of the Islamic Golden Age. A philosopher and physician who wrote over 400 books, including a five volume work on medicine which was considered a standard work in Europe right up until the 17th century.

In one of those "What bloody jobsworth though this was a thing?" moment, a wheelchair user was banned from a a flight in Belfast because staff felt the repair kit he had with him "could be used to dismantle the plan". The airline has apologised and made a donation to charity.

Watched "The Last Unicorn", I think I've seen it before but had little to no memory of it if I did.. Interesting, and different, with a terrific cast. Apparently Christopher Lee, who voiced King Haggard (and who said that it was the closest he would ever come to playing King Lear) assured author Peter S. Beagle that "If, by the time you come to make your live-action version of your movie, I have passed on, do not let it concern you. I have risen from the dead several times. I know how it’s done."

After last weeks slight but enjoyable episode, Duck Tales hit the story arc big time, as unexpected family members show up (And I mean REALLY unexpected), and Dewey face's the consequences of not telling his brothers about his searching for the truth of their mother's disappearance.

My "Full Metal Alchemist" experience is further delayed by my realising that;

A) "Wak-Fu" is also on Netflix and though I watched a few episodes in Frnech years back, and enjoyed it, they have it in English.

B) Further realising, three episodes in, that watching "Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas" is much easier if you remember to switch to the English dub, (I like subtitles, but if I'm doing anything else at the same time that means I can't see the screen all the time I get somewhat frustrated).

I also caught the first episode of "Muhyo and Rouji's Supernatural Investigation Angency", which works better in my head if I imagine the main characters are Damian Wayne And Colin Wilkes. Though it was quite good, it looks like the recurring "horny perv" character is introduced in episode 2 and I'm not sure I care enough to put up with that.

The official 13th Doctor doll has come out in the UK, and it's pretty awesome to see such a thing exist. Her sonic screwdriver toy is due out imminently, with the US and UK getting different versions (Sorry, may have mentioned that already).
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It's the tale of an extraordinary city and an even more extraordinary woman who works there. -- Si Spurrier

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Variety has announced that actor Ruby Rose has been cast as Kate Kane, aka Batwoman

NBC confirms that she will be introduced in this years CW hero crossover event. and is planned to get her own spin off series (That's more than The Ray managed)

Ruby Rose is a genderfluid (she prefers feminine pronouns), out lesbian, who is perhaps best known for her role "Orange is the New Black" and is about to be in "The Meg".

OitNB is not a show I follow, so I have little idea as to her as an actress. Anyone more familiar want to comment?.

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He'd come in response to a summons.

He remembered when he'd first learned about the Mud King.

His father Zebadiah'd told him history, about Garlis Sulm and his power to " bond with other spirits. "

" But they had to choose to let him in.

" So he'd offer 'em their hearts' desire to ensure they did.

" But once they accepted- he'd be with 'em forever.

" Enablin' him to see what they saw. To hear what they heard. "

Garlis'd made an offer to him.

" Guess I was the only one to decline hearin' his bargain.

" Made him awful mad. "

Zebediah'd exhaled. )


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