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My first thought upon seeing the prompt was Jean DeWolff, who could easily be brought back as some kind of fallout from "Brand New Day." Then again, the storyline of her death is A) mostly a Peter David joint, and B) one of the single best Spider-Man stories in the entirety of the canon. While I'd love to see her in an untold story or something, I can't honestly say I'd want to see her resurrected.

Instead, I'd opt for a relatively obscure background character from Iron Man, who Kurt Busiek introduced back in the late nineties.

three pages from Iron Man v3 #4, one from v3 #5 )
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Two pages from Fantastic Four: Dark Reign
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Though this may not surprise you, I really liked some of what Dark Reign did. The designs on the Alternate Fantastic Four and their universes were really cool, plus the Bridge plot that led to the Council (which I adore).

Tag me with Fantastic Four, Sean Chen and Jonathan Hickman on creative duties


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